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Help Spread the Word

We need your help spreading the word about our 30th class reunion.  Hopefully doing so will be an easy and fun activity.  Remember those people that you used to eat lunch with, skip school with, fight and make up with?  Write down the first five (5) classmates that come to mind and then reach out to them.  Feeling shy because you haven't spoken to them since high school?  Take a walk on the wild side and reach out to them anyway!

Once you have your list of five, reach out and tell them about the reunion.  Ask them to come.  If they don't want to come, ask them to update their profile.

Try one or all of the following?

  • Call them
  • Send an email
  • Find them on Facebook and send an IM
  • Look them up on LinkedIn
  • Contact them on Twitter or Instagram

Thanks in advance for your assistance!