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08/18/08 09:43 PM #30    

Natalie Hardwick (Lee)

Hoping to attend the reunion since I missed the 10 year. Great job on this site!!
I did notice a request on one profile to have the GA/LSU game on and I wanted to put in my vote for that. My husband is a big Dawg fan and can't imagine missing such an event :) It's fun to read the profiles and see the pics everyone has posted.

09/11/08 06:59 AM #31    

Betsy Wahl (Verboom)

Well, it looks as if nobody has posted for awhile so I thought I'd put a little note up to get things going again. It seems as if this grand event is going to be tremendous! TWENTY YEARS - IMPOSSIBLE!! My dad asked me why I would do such a thing to myself, haha, how could I not? Living in Miami has made me miss home more than anything ever could, and seeing you people again has given me something to look forward to that can't compare to anything else! Besides, as dear Wendy Percival put it, she is still 29... and since I still look about 28, how could this possibly be punishing myself, right? (just kidding... but not about you, Wendy). This website is fabulous, and thanks to all involved in making this event happen... 20 years is something to celebrate!

09/18/08 11:29 AM #32    

Susan Drake

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to the reunion, I am 75% sure i'll be able to make it. Meanwhile, my sister Beverly and I will be in Augusta this weekend, and were thinking of going out on Saturday night for drinks. If anyone wants to meet us at Sweetwater Saturday the 19th (if it's still there-I went there many years ago and haven't been back to Augusta since) please do!

Susan Drake

09/30/08 06:31 AM #33    

Wendy Percival (Jones)

Thanks, Betsy! I think I've reached the age when I don't care what other people think, so I can be 29 if I want! haha

Everyone stay in touch for some exciting announcements from the reunion committee. We have planned other activities for that weekend. Get your payment in by Oct. 6th to make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

10/02/08 12:29 AM #34    

Betsy Wahl (Verboom)

Hey Wendy (or anyone)... Can someone give me information as to when these "other events" are going to take place? I am flying in to Atlanta on Friday night (the 24th and hitching a ride with someone else), and we aren't exactly sure if we will be arriving late Friday or early Saturday, but we will be having to leave mid-morning Sunday after the reunion to get me back to Hartsfield on time to make a 5:00 flight back to Miami. Our time will be limited, unfortunately, and I want to make the best of it so please give up some of the details (:-D)!


10/04/08 12:10 AM #35    

Russell Benoit

Did anyone see that guys face on the home page? I think that is the poster child for Evans High!!! ha-ha Perry.. Hey everone I look forward to seeing some familiar faces real soon. It is amazing how many classmates I have seen in the last few months. Hope all is well for everyone and will see you soon.

10/05/08 01:48 PM #36    

Lara Sykes (Fort)

In response to Birthdays Kim - It must've been a COLD January that year - would it have been '69 or '70?? Lotsa October Babies!!!!!
Only a couple more weeks until the reunion! Can't wait to see everyone and catch up!!!!

10/13/08 03:58 PM #37    

Darlene King

Response to Kim Blande & Birthday question. I will be 38 this November.

10/13/08 09:12 PM #38    

Wendy Percival (Jones)

This is going to be a fun and memorable event. To help capture the memories, please remember to bring your camera! We'll have a site available afterward to upload your pictures for everyone to share.

Can't wait to see you there!

10/15/08 11:12 AM #39    

Christy Ashworth

I am so excited about this reunion because i missed the 10yr. so I can't wait to see everyone.

10/16/08 08:47 PM #40    

Eric Crawford

Hi Everybody,

I was prepared to go to our reunion on the 25th, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I'm up in Lansing, MI right now taking care of my brother Mike Crawford who has been diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma cancer that has metastisized in his brain, lungs, spine, and some of his bones. Some of you may remember him from high school...he was Class of 87. The doctors are giving him a matter of months.

I hope all of you have a great time and I wish I could be there! I will keep in touch and hopefully I will see some of you again on visits to Augusta and elsewhere.

Please say a prayer for my brother and family! Thanks everybody!!

10/16/08 08:53 PM #41    

Eric Crawford

Update on my brother...we are still keeping hope and trying to stay positive! One of his doctors said for him not to give up just yet that he still has a chance. We are hopefully taking him to one of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago after he finishes his radiation here in Lansing in a little over a week. Thanks to all who have said a prayer for him!

10/18/08 12:18 AM #42    

Tracie Fennell (Huff)

I just wanted to say "thank you" to the committee for working so hard to pull this reunion together! I also want to thank you for including some of us who decided they would rather wait and graduate in January of 1989. LOL! Summer was just too busy- graduation line too long. In January, there is no line, no long drawn out ceremony. Ha, yeah..anyway... looking forward to next weekend!

10/21/08 10:36 AM #43    

Lelia McDiarmid (Sprague)

Hot Digitty!! ;) Just a couple days away!! Looking forward to coming home for the weekend and most certainly for our 20yr Reunion!!! Have a Great Week everyone!!! See you on Saturday!!!

10/21/08 11:11 AM #44    

Anthony Sullivan

For those of you coming in from out of town, you might want to bring some warm clothes with you. It looks like it is going to be somewhat chilly this weekend with a possible chance of some rain. Everyone PLEASE drive and fly safe and we'll see ya this weekend.......Todd Sullivan

10/24/08 06:59 AM #45    

Wendy Percival (Jones)

Don't forget an umbrella and a raincoat for tonight! See you there!

10/26/08 12:29 PM #46    

Heather Hessek (Menard)

Wow, you guys...last night was AMAZING! I am SO proud of the committee members for putting it all together and giving us all a great time.
It was fun trying to remember everyone, even if a lot of people didn't remember/recognize me, *shrug* I was a floater then, too...I was still glad to see everyone that I did.
And Kris Fisher did a GREAT job...he joked about playing all 80's stuff and people asking for new stuff, and they did, and then asked for 80's stuff...poor guy was trying to please everybody but people's butts were still on that dance floor. And that was fun, too!
Great time!!

10/26/08 02:14 PM #47    

Frederick Lange, Jr.

It was great to see everyone this past weekend!! Old friendships were renewed and current friendships strengthened. Thank you committee for the awesome job you have all done, it was a great walk down memory lane!

10/26/08 05:43 PM #48    

Marnie Bulluck (Bowles)

I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I thought last night was awesome and I was sad when we had to leave the club. Thanks for all of the hard work of all of the committee members! Thanks to everyone that came, especially those of you that made a sacrifice and traveled a long distance. We need to find a way to get together more often. Hugs and kisses to everyone and I hope to see all of you really soon! Marnie Bowles

10/27/08 10:32 AM #49    

Michael Harley

The reunion was very overwhelming to me, personally. Seeing all of those familiar faces in once place, I could not help but be constantly reminded that these were the faces I used to see everyday. I did not get to spend the time with that I had hoped with a lot of people. I wanted to spend more time reconnecting with Tim Dixon, Chip Harris, Stephen Baynham, Fred Lange, Kenny White, Perry Bertolone, and Bernard Marshall. I hope we can use this website and modern technology to keep the pace! It was such a surprise to see Jade Spell after going to school with him from Warren Road Elementary to Evans. To know that my good friend Terri Leverett from high school, married one of my elementary school best buddies, Johnny Ball is AMAZING! Everyone looked great and still excited for the future. I think we are all still a very youthful bunch. If anyone would like to call me, shoot me a message!

Thanks to the committee for such a great evening. Also, thanks for the ability to keep this website. I have a feeling we will continue to find people. This tool will be valuable for future events for the Class of 88!

Michael Harley

10/28/08 08:09 AM #50    

Heather Hessek (Menard)

Since we're all about staying in touch and getting together...I am traveling my happy butt from the farm country to the Columbia County Fair Friday night/Halloween. If you bring a new unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots you get in free and I think it's also $10 unlimited ride night.
Me, my daughter and Seany from the station are going and all are welcome to join us!
Come hang, eat and ride!

10/28/08 09:21 AM #51    

Dory Compton (Moore)

To the reunion committee- Saturday night was wonderful. I live in small town SC and everyone in town knew I was going the the reunion. It was all I could talk about for months. So at church Sunday everyone was interested. I could not contain my excitement of how much fun I had. Seeing friends and catching up was the highlight of my year. I loved high school and being with my friends. I can't wait until the next reunion. I will bring my elementary yearbooks again and we can laugh at our goofy selves all over again. The class of 88 still rocks! Dory

10/28/08 09:16 PM #52    

Trisha Toler (Reeves)

I had a wonderful time at the reunion! It was so good to see all of you!!! A big thank you to the reunion committee for putting together such an amazing event. Thank you to Erica for the terrific website. I have enjoyed it so much! - Trisha

11/02/08 09:38 AM #53    

Heather Hessek (Menard)

Come on, people. I KNOW more people took pictures than what's been posted!

11/06/08 12:29 PM #54    

Lelia McDiarmid (Sprague)

Hey everyone!!!! I had an AMAZING time at the Reunion and it was just AWESOME seeing you all again!!! I wish that we had more time!! The weekend was great and being back in Augusta brought with it a flood of fond memories!!! Thanks again to the committee!! The Reunion was simply PERFECT!!! And too, I have 60+ photos on Facebook...how do I link them to this site??

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