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•   Donn Werling  3/7
•   Kathleen Koeneman (Putnam)  2/2
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•   Sandra Maszkiewicz (Johnston)  9/8
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Concordia Lutheran High School
Class Of 1963

Dear Classmates, 

     If you are living in the past, you are probably thinking, "I bet CLHS will be starting school soon on the Tuesday after Labor Day." Actually, they have completed three weeks of school already. It seems like school starts earlier every year. One of the reasons I hated cross country was that it was freezing by the end of the season. Now it's still fairly warm since it ends so much earlier. The main reason for the early start dates now is the desire to finish the first semester by Christmas.

     One of the only, possibly the only, positive effects of COVID is that it has made students appreciative of and excited about being in school again with fewer restrictions. I asked some students at youth group tonight if they thought the last two years had made them more excited about school, and they all answered in the affirmative. We pray that the recent surge will subside so that students and adults as well will be able to live without this kind of fear anymore. 

     Fall sports are football, girls' golf, boys' and girls' soccer, boys' tennis, boys' and girls' cross country, and girls' volleyball. The football team has an entirely new coaching staff and will probably be rebuilding this year. They won their first game easily but lost 55-14 last Friday. Both soccer teams are usually strong at CLHS and have winning records. Girls' volleyball is very strong as usual, winning all but one match so far, with that one loss being a five-game match with the #3 team in state, Bellmont. Girls' golf and boys' tennis face a lot of stiff competition in our area and have losing records. The boy's cross country team is again very strong while the girls' team lost a lot of seniors from last year and is in something for a rebuild mode.

     Band and choir programs have been hit particularly hard by Covid, being unable to go on tour for the past two years, unable to participate in state contests where they have done so well in the last few years and having Christmas at the Embassy relegated to a recorded performance. These programs are such a witness to our faith in the community so we especially pray that they will be able to return to some sense of normalcy.

     The specter of Covid has hung over us for what seems like forever, but there are some silver linings. No students at CLHS, to my knowledge, have died from Covid or been seriously ill. No one in our class, to my knowledge, has died from Covid either despite the fact that we are now at the point of being in the age group most vulnerable. Our only death in the past year has been Denny Smothermon who died of a bloodclot on his lung. We pray that that trend will continue.

     There are many challenges facing CLHS right now. Projections of lower enrollment resulted in reduction in force for some teachers, office personnel, and even one administrator. Although enrollment remained above 600 (projections were lower than that figure) the enrollment was still not high enough to bring in enough tuition funds to meet some of the budgetary needs of our school. If you have ever considered giving back to our school for all the benefits you received from attending CLHS, now would be a great time to give a monetary gift. The building itself is also in need of many repairs and improvements which will need to be addressed in the near future as well. Most importantly, pray for the staff and students of CLHS as they teach and learn about the great good news of Jesus Christ and His saving power.