50th Reunion Photos, 2015

Hi Barb,
I wanted to thank you and the  committee for making the reunion happen.  It was a wonderful couple days seeing old friends and getting reacquainted  with classmates   who I didn't know so well in high school.  The web site is fabulous.  I have talked to many who are rereading or reading profiles  for the first time about others.  I'm sorry there wasn't more time for us to talk. I hope you had as great  a time as I and others did.
I loved  seeing my old Sunday school buddies Bill Saul and David McFadzean.( his mother was my 4/5th grade teacher at Lyon School also), Patty Magee, Rindy Freeman, Chris Nelson, my high school boyfriend, and so many others.   Though I'd seen Cindy Vogel over  the years, it had been quite awhile. And Kathy Miller, LynnMonroe, Helen Biederer were all in my grade school class.  A real highlight was seeing Mr. Barker again.  He was one of my favorites and really influenced me into following a career in teaching.

There were so many fun, short conversations. You and the committee did an amazing job organizing the event.  Thank you so much.

Carolyn McKee Schaefer

Greg D'Ambrosio
1 Photo  9/30/15
Barbara Jung Bornmann
352 Photos  12/2/15
Carolyn McKee Schaefer
4 Photos  10/5/15
Bill Saul
19 Photos  11/5/15
Bob Vallelonga
32 Photos  10/16/15