Christine Baker Fund

The Christine Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established in memory of Christine Baker to reward a music student wishing to continue his/her pursuit of a degree in eduction.  Miss Baker somehow managed to get an amazing sound from a group of high school kids and would be thrilled to know that we are honoring her in this way.  Please help the fund grow by donating generously.  Your donation in whatever amount you prefer would be greatly appreciated.  For additional information please contact Jenni Leinbach (Adams) at
For a minimal donation amount you may also request a couple of nostalgic items that may be of interest to you.
The first is a free CD, "...a decade of song, Los Cantadores de Boca Ciega 1953-1963" for a minimum donation of $5.00.  The CD is beautifully packaged (jacket below) with a color photo on the front and a listing of songs, a letter, and a picture of Miss Baker on the back and contains all 12 songs (listed below) from the original recording.  It is sure to bring back many happy memories to those who were in the Choir and Baker's Dozen.  Even if you weren't a singer, you will enjoy listening to the concert version of the alma mater.
Playlist for the Album
Side 1   Side 2
Our Father Who Art In Heaven 1959   Soon Ah Will Be Done 1961
Bendictus 1958   I Hear A Voice A-Prayin 1962
Ave Maris 1959   Brazillian Psalm 1957
Inflamatus (When Thou Comest) 1957   Milady's Madrigals 1963
Prelude 1962   Alma Mater 1960
Ride the Chariot 1961   The Lord Bless You and Keep You 1960


Image of the CD Jacket


For a minimum donation of $10.00 you can request a free tee shirt with the pirate logo.
You can also request to have these items shipped for an additional charge of $2.25.