Missing Classmates

This page identifies those classmates whose email address is as yet unknown by the reunion committee.

Insofar as this website utilizes email for communicating with class members it is very desirable to obtain email addresses for as many of our classmates as possible.  Therefore if you know how to contact someone on this list please ask them to join this website.  Joining the website does not commit anyone to do anything except provide an email address.  This provides a mechanism for us to account for them.  Even in cases where the classmate has little or no interest in what we're doing, this will allow them to assist our effort by allowing us to stop spending additional time and effort trying to find them.

Kathy Adams
Carol Aylesworth
John Backe
Fred Backlond
Suzanne Baird
Donna Bauer
Richard Baumann
Gerry Bennett
Fred Bourque
Barbara Brennan (Jenkins)
Vickie Brett
Richard L. Brown
Thomas Brown
Michael Bugner
Wilma Bulmer
Gwendline Burnsed
Anna Bux (Muir)
Vincent Carone
Michael Christo
Jerome Cobbe
John Competiello
Marilyn Cooper
Robert Cordier
Beverly Crane
Marilyn Crosswell (Barry)
Jerry Cruger (Purcell)
Jennifer Dalton (Skyte)
Ed Darbois
Cindy Daughtry
Michael Davis
Judith Deneault
Alan Dietrich
Jane Downing (Carruthers)
Paul Drecchio
Jennifer Dugan (Maynard)
Gail Farmer
Patricia Flaharty
Jackie Ford
Jeannine Fournier (McNEILL)
Cliff Fouts
Pamela FUCHS
Beverly Giles
Gary Giles
Robert Girvin
Nancy Goetz
Geoffrey Goldman
Michael Green
Rusty Green
Margaret Grey (Townsend)
Stephen Haas
Terrie Hawkins
Sharon Henninger
Virginia Herbst (McCARTHY)
Peggy Hey
Suzanne Hoffman (Carroll)
Jay House
Diane Houser
Sharom Isham
Richard Izzy
Robert Jacobson
Judy C. Johnson (Reeger)
Lawrence W Johnson
Anne Kane (Brammer)
Roberta Kaylor
Michael Keetley
Marguerite Key
Linda Kise (Hellstrom)
Carol Kreisher
Edie Lah
Linn Lanier
Marie Laquidara
Linda Levy (Stone)
Robert Livingston
Douglas Lockwood
Charles Lovejoy
John Mandell
Richard Martin
Patricia McDAVID
David Merrefield
Janeth Mills
Rogny Navarrete
Robin Nelson
Doris Osborne
Thomas Otto
Ann Palmer (Burke)
Bonnie Panther (Hughes)
Marianne Parl
Kandy Paul (Smith)
James Peterson
Joan Phillips (Hall)
Richard Pierce
Joanne Polski (Johnston)
David Posey
Margaret Ramsey
Randy Rankin
Judy Reeley
Suzanne Roberts
Jeff Robinson
Carol Rock (Brown)
David Rolback
Richard Rosengarten
Michael Ryan
Thomas Sauls
Carol Saunders (Brundage)
Lorraine Schultz
Robert Schwartz
James Sherman
Curt Smith
Larry Smith
Richard Smith
Rodney Smith
Michael Stang
David Streater
Sherry Strong (Edgar)
David Sweet
Jane Sybrandt
Ariel Tasney
Roy Tatum
Robert T'felt
James Vaughn
Peggy Wertenberger (Hendon)
Jack Whitney
Bill Wiley
Llynn Wilkie
Jim Williams
Terri Willis
Polly Wing (McINTYRE)
Bill Winters
Pat Witous
John Wolf
Lenore Wolfson
Anita Wood
Robert Young
Pam Younger (Bielicki)

Guest Members

Richard McClain
June Young (Hurley)