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09/10/15 08:58 AM #12    


Linda Diane Chappell (Hancock) (1965)

yes, shirt and tie.  The jacket is optional, just come for a good time.

10/02/15 11:43 AM #13    

Judy Ann Carhart Meminger (Lochinger) (1965)

I'm so sorry to miss the many old friends will be there!  Anne, Bev, Bettijoyce, have a glass of wine for me!

10/02/15 11:49 AM #14    

Judy Ann Carhart Meminger (Lochinger) (1965)

Also Martha, Terry, Alann, Ruth Hill and Gail Lemmond!  We're in South Carolina this weekend and can't get away.  I'll be thinking of you all!

10/02/15 02:17 PM #15    

Virginia Ann Huneycutt (Martin) (1965)

Sorry that the weather isn't cooperating. Still I know that all of you will have a great time. I wish I could have been there but I am currently taking over the ceramic class at the local college and can't leave. It would be nice if you could send some of the rain our way. We are in a drought and very fire prone. We have had the worse fires in Washington State history this year. My town lost 30 homes and three large apple warehouses due to fire. 

Have a great time and raise a glass for all of us who couldn't make it. 


Virginia "Ginny" Huneycutt Martin, East Wenatchee, WA


10/02/15 09:12 PM #16    


Henry A Collins (1965)

Best Warrior Wishes to all the attendees and especially to you amazing and intrepid organizers. I'm sorry to hear about the cancellation of the golf tournament and KHS tour, but--as has been said--it's the gathering that counts.Rather like our family's move from Ft. Monroe to Ft. Sheridan in the middle of my senior year, life is what happens when you're making other plans. I regret being unable to make the trip down from Reston--had been looking forward to talking to Earl Bell about that day in November 1963 when our history class heard about JFK--but look forward to reading about the reunion here, if not in Tribal Tales.


10/03/15 07:19 AM #17    


Linda Diane Chappell (Hancock) (1965)

So sorry you couldn't make it. Our gathering last evening was a real success and I Am sure a good time was had by all. We missed those that could not come but we will make sure that there are lots of pictures on the site. We will just plann on seeing you at the 55th. Take care

10/03/15 07:37 AM #18    


Judith Ann Spitzer (Ward) (1966)

Congratulations to the committee for putting on what looks to be a great weekend!!  You have all done an amazing job... Unfortunately I was not able to go over at this time...but I have been watching your reports...   Jealous......I will eagerly await pictures....

Very best wishes from the UK.....


10/03/15 11:19 AM #19    


Richard Jerome Scherberger (1966)

Congratulations on a great function!  I waih I could be there this weekend but duty calls in another direction.  Best wishes to all for a memeory filled weekend!

10/03/15 01:54 PM #20    


Gale Marie Spreemann (Spreemann-Gauf) (1966)

Every day I look for updates and posts from our KHS Reunion website.  I've been waiting years for this event but just so sorry I couldn't make the arrangements.  Many Friends for Life are from my KHS classmates, and even classmates I didn't know that well I recognize and remember their name or face when I see their post.  A million thanks to the Reunion Committee for this get-together and website. So happy you all are having  a great time - can't wait to see the pictures - wearing green and white both days thinking of you all. Hugs to all, Gale.

10/03/15 05:35 PM #21    


Constance Gail (Connie) Paris (Tolle) (1966)

"GO WARRIORS" is not a chant to take lightly!! I am indeed wearing green & white today, cheering you on from afar, and wishing I was there, bad weather and all! I'm so sorry some of your plans had to be changed due to weather, but in true KHS tradition, I know nothing can keep you down.  I'll be excited to see photos of all the fun I'm missing.....dances I'm not dancin', drinks I'm not drinkin', and especially folks I'll not be seein'. I miss each of you, even classmates I didn't know well but whose names are forever familiar. Congratulations to the organizers who made everything happen in spite of the severe weather conditions, you truly deserve a Spirit Award. Thanks for keeping us connected as friends who have a shared history of that most special time in our lives, our High School years. Many blessings to each of you and Safe Travels back home. I'm sending you Love and a little sunshine from Minnesota, Connie Paris Tolle


10/04/15 08:32 AM #22    


Wayne Wade (1965)

I am really disappointed that my wife and I missed the reunion after looking forward to coming for so long now because of the many uncertainties created by the very unsual weather. 

10/04/15 02:34 PM #23    


Rosemary Elizabeth Illig (Irons) (1965)

I want to congratulate the hard working and well organized reunion committee for all their professional efforts to make this reunion the best EVER!  I thoroughly enjoyed also receiving the very witty and up-to-date emails from Debbie Outten Fisk.  They were much appreciated.  For me personally,  I so enjoyed seeing all my dear friends of the Classes of 1965/66.  .  Amazing!  God willing, I pray I make it to the next reunion.  You guys are wonderful!.  For the ones who couldn't make it, you were missed.  I will  pray for the deceased souls.

My best and prayers to all,  Rosemary Illig Irons

10/04/15 07:18 PM #24    


Mary Bealla Turner (Mann) (1966)

Thanks to the Reunion Committee for a great two days. It was wonderful to see everyone whether we remembered each other or not. Warriors of the Classes of '65-'66 have a special bond. Already looking forward to the next one!

10/04/15 08:31 PM #25    


Gayle Lemmond

Thank you so much for your kind invitation to join you on Saturday evening. The Reunion Committee has been relentless in getting all the events actualized, even in the face of circumstances beyond their control. Kudos to each of you!! I felt warmly welcomed by many of you and do deeply appreciate your kind expressions of gratitude. I too am grateful to you for the fond memories I have of those years at Kecoughtan and for what you contributed to my learning experience as a teacher. There is always a special place in my heart for the Warriors of the '60's.

10/05/15 10:56 AM #26    


Sally Ernestine Maslowski (Salisbury) (1965)

Kudos to the Reunion Committee for all your hard work.  Although I was unable to attend, I have been enjoying the website immensely and catching up with people's lives.  You are to be commended!

10/05/15 03:51 PM #27    

Penelope Stott (Martin) (1966)

Received a phone call today from Rhonda Ellis Smith.  She loved, loved the reunion.  Was so glad she was invited and just coudln't say enough how welcome she felt.  Good job, Warriors!

10/05/15 05:09 PM #28    

Donald Earl Schappell (1966)

Reunion Organizers,

I could not change my schedule to attend the reunion, but I did get a lot of enjoyment from the web site that was established. This doesn't happen without the dedication and hard work from many people, thanks for all the information and updates! I have thought about some of my close classmates a lot since the notices started to come in and it doesn't seem real that this was the 49th year since graduation!!

It was sad to hear about our classmates that are no longer with us and it does remind us all we are approaching the age were this will happen.

I just made it back to Charleston prior to the big rain fall. The amount of rain kept me busy lowering the pool level multiple times a day. We received about 24", unbelievable. Thanks again for all the hard work and I wish the best to you all, Don Schappell ( Donnie )

10/05/15 07:01 PM #29    

Patricia H. Dabney (Denton)

Thank you so much for including me and Buddy at the reunion.

It was fun to see so many of the "old" Warriors, both students and faculty.

Thank you again for making it a memorable evening,

Patricia Dabney Denton

10/06/15 12:02 PM #30    


Linda Grace Thompson (Coltes) (1965)

Just want to give a big THANK YOU and shout out to the Reunion Committee for all their hard work.  It was a wonderful reunion.  It had been a while since I last attended a reunion due to health issues and having no one to drive me that distance.  This year I was married and able to attend, and proud to introduce my husband.  I was single for 26 1/2 years and it was nice to have a companion again (we've been married 8 years now). 

We both had a great time.  It was the first class reunion my husband had ever attended (to include his own in Portsmouth) and he was most impressed with the way everything was carried out.  Initially, he was a bit skeptical, but once we got there, even in the bad weather, he was very glad we went.  He said everyone was most friendly and was impressed with the way everything was carried out.  He was most complimentary of everything and especially all of my friends whom we made an effort to try and reach or they tried to find us. It was great and we both (especially me) want to thank all those who worked so diligently for so long to get it organized.  Even though a few events had to be cancelled, it didn't take away from the true meaning of the reunion and that was being together.

Toni Worth (can't recall your married name...sorry), you did an outstanding job.  It was great.  You should be a stand-up comedian.  The tributes to our fallen classmates and those who have gone on before us was wonderful, and most especially, Mr. Szetella.  Everything was planned wonderfully.

I wish we could have had the KHS Tour as I would dearly love to get one of those KHS Throws.  I saw it on the podium in one of the photos and it is beautiful.  Penney Martin told me where I could get one so I will try that route or I can have my grandson, who is a KHS Warrior this year, get one for me.  He's there everyday and plays on the baseball team so I'm sure he could get me one.  I'm sure there are lots of other things I would like to have, but if I were to go there I'd probably blow a month's check on everything (hopefully not, I'm not that bad), but I do enjoy nostalgia and especially being in the first graduating class of KHS.

I did wear my KHS Key to the Saturday Night Reunion because it seemed appropriate.  I'm so glad I did because it was a treat to me to show others.  I was also glad that we sang the Alma Mater because I was in the Acapella Choir and I remember helping Mrs. Curtis and a few other classmates write it.  It was so special to me to be a small part of that.  I was hoping it would be sung and the next time we sing it, we should all stand as it it a tribute to our school and was written in behalf of it.  It's like the National Anthem to KHS.  I actually stood up when we were going to sing it, but no one else stood, so I sat back down.

Again, THANK YOU REUNION COMMITTEE.  ONCE AGAIN, YOU DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB.  But when I think of the people who are on the committee for both classes, how can it not be good?  You were all excellent leaders in high school and continue to be now.  Thank you again for your great efforts.  Thank you Debbie Outten Fisk for your work on the website.  It is wonderful.  

May you all be blessed with your greatest desires and may you have good health to continue in your endeavors in this life.


Linda Thompson Coltes

10/06/15 12:02 PM #31    


Earl P. Bell, Jr.

After recovering from the shock of Kohlenhoefer and Sanzo behaving themselves and showing a little CONSTRUCTIVE leadership, I had a great time visiting both nights and was among the last to leave both nights. Great to visit with so many students and faculty friends. Did you scene Nancy S. and me dancing with her hanging on to her walker with one hand? Just like old times. Back in the day, after school, Nancy, Lowry and me would rock out of the parking lot, Lowry driving, all three moving to Arethea as much as sitting in a car allows. Also, I was very impressed with the performance of the reunion committees and all the activites. On Saturday, spent most of the day with one of my star debaters John Curtis and we are making future plans. It was tremendous fun visiting often with all the bad boys from Phoebus and Buckroe, still slightly untamed in the best way. Enjoyed immensely visiting with Shelia W., great to reconnect with her and meet her husband. Finally, I am amazed at the number of you who remember things I said and did, most unremembered by me. Did I really tell Kohlenhoefer that everything about him was button down but his ears? Greg you did an outstanding job both nights at these reunions. I missed not seeing Alex Conley, Jim Smee, Kirk Thompson (who was always missing the school bus & riding to school with me), Jim Sawyer and Tommy Taylor. Thanks again Debbie for our great website. Every school should be so lucky and have someone like to you to keep them close. All the people I missed on those two nights please write, I answer all emails. That's a promise. May everyone stay well, safe and happy. Later.

Earl P.

One of my students in Chicago ask me once for what did the "P" stand & as a wayward child of honesty, I told him "Perfect."

10/06/15 12:13 PM #32    


Christine Manning Casciano (1966)

Many thanks to the '65-'66 Reunion Committee for their hard work and commitment to create a most memmorable reunion weekend for us all.  Saturday night's buffet was delicious; and the band was wonderful!! It was great seeing those friends and classmates we haven't seen in years and "catching up" on their lives.  As I told my "best buds", it seems as we age, these gatherings are even more fun!  Thanks, too, Committee, for the KHS monogrammed glasses--what a creative party favor and reminder of a most joyful weekend!

Warmest wishes to all,

Christine M. Casciano



10/07/15 11:27 AM #33    

James Wayne Sprinkle (1965)

Just wanted to say thank you to the Reunion Committee for all of their hard work.  My wife and I had a great time!

09/24/18 11:26 AM #34    

Patricia Anne (Pam) McGehee (Sanzo) (1965)

Thank you to all the dedicated reunion committee members. You did an awesome job putting together our 65/66 2018 Birthday Party! Everything was wonderful. We so enjoyed ourselves and appreciate all your hard work.


Pam and Joe Sanzo

09/25/18 11:09 AM #35    

Penelope Stott (Martin) (1966)

Thanks Pam. There's work but we all enjoy being together and working together.  It WAS a great weekend.  So glad you and Joe could be there. You are in my prayers.


09/26/18 02:40 PM #36    


Christine Manning Casciano (1966)

To all of our KHS reunion committee members, thank you for the 70th birthday soiree...your dedication, creativity and hard work resulted in yet another most enjoyable event!  And thank you, too, for Saturday night's was awesome!

Christine Casciano



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