One step forward, and now two back.  This feature has fallen into re-construction.  Alas, we had a nifty little Jukebox widget in this space.  Quick and easy, it had a nice graphic that looked like the Jukebox at Stockdale's and offered 20 good tunes.  But it suddenly vanished into cyberspace during our first week of being on the net and it has been missing ever since.

So as a temporary measure, there is a nice custom made oldies playlist we made available at the link below.  However, you should open it only as a new tab/window.  If you left click on the link, you will be redirected away from your www.pascackvalley65.com site.  

We'd rather you stick around here a while longer and check out the nice features this wonderful site offers classmates to stay connected.  Send your comments and suggestions.  So listen to some nice music, and check out the e-halls now on the internet exclusively made for the class of 1965 -THE greatest class ever there was.

By The Way, if anyone has a freebie Jukebox widget with a nice graphic shell that can be programmed with mpg song files that would be of use on this page, please send it in!  Thanks.

When the playlist loads (in the new tab/window) click on any tune to begin play.  You may set the player to shuttle the selections if you wish.  Then resume browsing our site. 

This is our "under construction" music link: