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11/17/15 04:09 AM #41    

Dick Berkefeld

The 3 dots mean glutiousmaximus.  Love ya too.


11/17/15 07:30 PM #42    


John F. Genovese


11/10/17 06:22 PM #43    

Greg Wood

For those of you who did not see Sonny Woolley's post yesterday on FaceBook, he indicated that last week he had a small stroke that put him in the hospital and rehab for a couple of days. I believe he is well enough to be going home today.

He lives in the Lake George area of upstate NY. I went back and visited him a year ago July during a photograph exhibit he was having in a local gallery. He has a website for his business:


I am sure he would love to hear from some of the Class of '65 if you get a chance.





11/11/17 11:48 AM #44    


Regina (Gina) Roth (Susek)

I am sorry to hear that he experienced that. Hopefully he will he will make a full recovery from this set back.  Tell him that I will light a candle for him when Joe and I go to Mass tonight. Miracles from praying like you cannot believe. Even for the animals at the shelter where our daughter volunteers. You are a good friend  to be there for him and to keep us informed.  I never knew Vince in school, I  just remember a really good looking, quiet guy. Please give him my best wishes  for the future  and many more picture taking excursions. 

11/11/17 01:54 PM #45    

Robert Frank Cosmai

Greg,  thank you for sending us the post on Sonny.   Like Gina said I will also be praying for his speedy recovery.  I ran track and played football with him during our senior year.  He is a great guy and an amazing competitor.  I am sure he will be back on his feet very soon.  All the best,  Bob Cosmai

04/14/20 01:36 PM #46    

Joanna Oleson


Hi All,

It seems to me that during this Covid19 crisis and quarantine it may be helpful to use this forum to connect and share our experiences.  I hate to remind you all, but we are all vulnerable due to our age. Of course we all hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy.  But I think it can be helpful to hear what it is like for folks in different parts of the world or country.   

Fortunately I have been able to work from home with phone and video sessions and meetings. Are you able to work from home and keep in touch with friends and family?  What are new projects or activities you are engaging in while at home?  I stay in most of the time, but it's a nice 3 mile walk to a Stop 'n Shop, and I'm getting better at ordering  groceries and stuff like window boxes to grow lettuce, and just today I got a tv, since I lost the one I had when my house burned down last year! That was difficult, but I love my new place in Riverdale, and there's lots of light for the lettuce!   

It would be great to hear from you all. 

Joanna Oleson






04/15/20 10:07 AM #47    

Nick Ciccarello (Nicholas Ciccarello)

Hi Joanna Ruth.  I read your post with much interest and you are right, we are at that age where we could be particularly vulnerable to the virus.  And I am with you 100% when it comes to walking which I do around my small rural town of Franklin, NY outside of the Catskills in upstate NY. (They closed my golf course down the street because of the virus/social distancing and that is where I got a lot of my exercise, walking not riding a cart) 

Thanks for sharing your experiences and I am so sorry to hear about losing your home to a fire last year.  We have been living here in upstate now for 15 years, in a 160 yr old Victorian which we revived and modernized and we love it. My wife, Gail, is a Nurse Practitioner and works for Helios Care, a hospice and palliative care org; she visits elderly patients daily, traveling through 5 large counties of NY and admits them to hospice if they qualify. I am still nervous about her contracting the virus from one of the patients but she vets them before she sees them.  Life is a risk and a journey! I have limited my shopping in town for groceries to 1 trip every 10 days to minimize contact with people. I am fortunate though because my middle daughter, Katie, who lives close,  operates an organic farm, raising vegs and all kinds of animals and therefore we do not depend on the store for anything except staples.  I do visit her farm, 10 miles down the road, as much as possible and help wash the 10 doz daily production of eggs and also play ping pong with my grandson from 10 ft away in the barn.:)  

Actually, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in Feb and had a special trip in March to Barcelona planned for all my children and us to visit with my youngest daughter, who lives in Barcelona, to celebrate their wedding anniversary but that all got cancelled obviously.  But in the grand scheme if things we were only disappointed where there are thousands of Americans who have lost jobs, got the virus or worse yet are desperate for food and health care. I am trying to figure out how we can help them in their time of need.

I remember you as quiet, pretty and fun-loving: don't know why we weren't friends. Was it me???:)  I wish you well, stay safe and thanks for this idea of communicating with our old HS buds.   Nick Ciccarello




04/15/20 02:11 PM #48    

Joan Freeman (Doré)

We are safe here in South Carolina at the beach.  We have been staying home except walks on the beach and in Brookgreen Gardens as well as once a week at the grocery store with mask on.  

We are missing our kids and grandkids but trying to keep up on facetime.  One of our grandsons is a senior in high school in VA and his graduation for May 30th has been postponed until August 1st.  Another grandson is taking his college classes on-line at home instead of away at school. Crazy times. 

I was lucky to see some classmates down in Florida the first week in March before the lockdown.  Among them was Pat Ostic Nelson, Pam Zito, Peter Brown, BIll Laakso , Ed Schattenberg, Rick Cooper, Connie Kramer, Rich Pennino, George Dusabout and Joe Desilva.   

If anyone is having a hard time during this  pandemic- please reach out - there are lots of classmates that want to help you.  My email is and my phone is 843-359-6355 . if you call or text just tell me who you are when you leave a message/text.  

Please be safe everyone - sending hugs and love to my classmates !



04/17/20 09:18 AM #49    

Pat Reyngoudt (Delperdange)

Hi hope that everyone is staying healthy.  It's a little scary up here in the Rochester, NY area, but we are staying inside.  We do go out for walks everyday.  Have past alot of friends along the way.  Our kids are doing well.  Two of our daughters live near us, one is a teacher and has been doing her on line classroom.  The other owns 2 resturants, that isn't going as well.  She is doing some curbside take outs, but it's not covering the bills.  Our son and dauther-in -law are in Kentucky, and work for the airlines and they aren't in a good way either.  Our other daughter lives in Georgia, and works for a doctors office and her husband is a pastor they're doing okay.  Our granddaughters are out of school but say they wish they were back in.  I just hope this is over soon.  

I know if we all do what we are supposed to do we will make it thought this.  So stay safe and well and we will be able to celebrate next April.

Love to all,  Pat 

04/17/20 11:17 PM #50    

John Dyer


Joan, thanks for fixing my name!  Diana (née Weis) and I are doing fine. A little bored, but safe so far. My sister in law has been making masks for her local colleagues in Virginia. She was able to send Diana and I masks which we have been wearing. We do keep our shopping very infrequent, but it hasn't been a problem. The extended family has been using Zoom to conduct weekly "happy hours". One brother has been conducting slide shows of photos that my father took from the 1940s thru the 1980s. That's been fun. The grandkids have lots of questions! So we've been keeping active that way. For my part, I walk and listen to audible tapes - most recently Japanese and Chinese histories. 





04/18/20 02:58 PM #51    

Judy Snyder (Larson)

Hi to all from Delaware.... Jim and I are doing well, lots of walking, bike riding and yardwowork. getting all those yard things we have put off for a couple of years done! Our kids are well, son lives in Colorado with family and they all seem ok. He brews beer with some neighbor friends so liquor store trips are not so frequent for him. His wife just got a great job with the Colorado Dept of Educ so they are thrilled. Our daughter and Eric are in maryland where the masks became manditory in their county on wednesday. she is a paralegal and has been working from home(sometimes on her front porch in the sun) since the 16th of march. Eric drives for UPS so he is out every day with deliveries like it was christmas!!! our CC is open for walking golf, no flags no cups no rakes but we have opted to stay home and swing away in the yard. Stay safe classmates and we will all have something even more special to celebrate in april of 2021. Judy Snyder Larson 

07/14/21 01:13 AM #52    


John F. Genovese

Well my friends,I think that it's time to be with the people we had spent years with throughout our lives. It's time to open up the gates of friendship And be rowdy once more. We have made friends again throughout the years on Facebook, text, emails and of course our phones. There are people that we have forgotten until now. This may be the last time for us to be able to shake the hands of the guys we knew,hug the young ladies with a loving affection they deserve. It's time to drop the words of politics and replace them with words of friendship and love. I feel it's time to REUNITE Once more. These are my words and, darn it, I'm sticking to them. It's your individual choice. How about it! ONE MORE ROUND🤝💖👩‍❤️‍👨🎓

07/15/21 11:40 AM #53    


Michael Rosen

I totally agree with John ... hopefully all of us have received our COVID-19 vaccinations and go to go to be together again ... I would love the opportunity to get together again this summer / year. I am still in NJ in Monroe Township and would love to see old friends!! What do the rest of you think?

07/17/21 03:18 PM #54    

Suzanne Linda Allen (Desmet)

Hi everyone! Yes John, I do think we should all get together. And I'll speak for Judy Blane Kehr, I'm certain she would be interested! Not necessarily this summer with this unusual heat we're having. Maybe early October of this year. But I'm open to what the majority would want. Looking forward to hearing what other people suggest. Stay well and stay cool!

Suzanne Allen

07/18/21 11:41 AM #55    


John F. Genovese

Hi Suzanne, OMG there are two names that I will never forget out of many. Bring so many memories of times gone bye with the two of you. What did we do in the summer without school and heat, we jumped in our cars and went to the shore.  More times that Have gone bye but hopefully we will rekindle some of these times. Unfortunately I have a commitment with my son until  October 20th approximately which I cannot change. If we can work around that It would certainly be fabulous. Please give my love to Judy when you speak with her,.Thank you again for considering this reunion. To everyone please take care. I do have some Geritol left. Thank you Suzanne  .Ciao 


08/08/21 02:15 PM #56    

Joan Freeman (Doré)

Although it would be wonderful to see PVHS classmates again, Covid is not done with us.  The Delta variant is increasing cases and as I mentioned before, we are a vunerable population.  I don't think it would be appropriate to bring a hundred classmates into a croweded ballroom anytime soon.  

I know many are disappointed that we had to cancel our reunion twice but we had no choice. At this point I don't want to even try to set a new date.  Every time we think this might be finished with Covid, we get another bad surprise. 

I hope all of you are getting your vaccinations, masking up and being safe.   Don't want to put one more classmate in memories. 

In friendship 


08/09/21 10:57 AM #57    

David R. Chamberlin

I totally a gree with Joan 

08/09/21 12:45 PM #58    

Carole O'Brien

Thank you, Joan. I agree. 

08/09/21 03:01 PM #59    

Jessica Rosenstraus (Barrett)

Joan,   The way things are going we will have new variants every year until we are too old to get together. We can meet in someone's nursing home. Any travel I was thinking of has been put on hold. Try 2025 as a possibility. In the meantime, everyone stay safe and GET VACCINATED.

08/09/21 04:22 PM #60    

Sandra Elaine Jackson (Parisi)

Perhaps, we can each post a little about what we have been doing, and maybe even a photo, to see how young we still all look!!!  Would love to see you all in person, but couldn't even imagine cathing up with everyone, at once, this way we could send a little note as to what's going on in our lives, and see what everyone else is doing.  Just a thought.  Sandi Jackson Parisi

08/10/21 11:04 AM #61    

Maria Grassi (Coppola)





08/23/21 08:33 PM #62    


John F. Genovese

Hey Jessica, I agree with you. There will always be a "variant" as there is in the common ordinary yearly  flu but I want everyone to feel comfortable. It would be nice to share memories and pictures in the meantime but I sure would like to have an in person reunion at some point ,but time will tell fersherr. If I'm not doing 90 on the water, then Johnny is bored

08/23/21 08:37 PM #63    


John F. Genovese

Oh johnnyboy, The pipes, the pipes are calling

08/24/21 10:46 AM #64    

Maria Grassi (Coppola)

Look at that GORGEOUS Italian skin... you look great J!!

08/24/21 04:18 PM #65    


John F. Genovese

Thanks Maria, you're the tops babe. I put mayonnaise on my face and in my hair every night. Do you remember the picture of the last supper, well actually it was a mayonnaise hairdressing party with wine and cheese. OMG I hope he has a sense of humor. 

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