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Carla Belsky
Residing In: Ellenville,, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: Free
Occupation: Retired Graphic Design Artist/ Illustrator
Yes! Attending Reunion

After our outstandingly gifted, Guidance Department told me I was never going to be "College Material", Thankfully I was guided by the very talented, compassionate, dedicated and the Late, Mr. Patrick DeRosa and Mr. Donald Wyckoff.... (Where would I be without their incite today?)
I got a partial scholarship to The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Tattie and Marina got a full scholarship because there were two of them and only one of me. I thought that more than fair. Too bad they dropped out of sight shortly after.....Freshman Orientation (Never to be seen again).......... My Mom paid fully for my education even though she was widowed in 1960 at the young age of 49.
I attended Visual Arts for three years and received my certificate of graduation. The truth; had I gone on for one more year at NYU, I would have had the credits to obtain my BA. Since I had to support my Mom and help my brother Michael through school and give him the same opportunity I was given by my Mom. I went directly to work in Manhattan. I was one of a very few who even got an art job fresh out of school but I landed a job at Allied Graphic Arts. My office faced the NY Public Library. You would be amazed at what went on on those steps daily in front of the very Public Library. I had many jobs and many disappointments. An opportunity to work for Hallmark Card Company was the "Top Shelf" of an opportunity. "Bring your portfolio in, have a seat, we will copy your ideas and let you know the results in a few weeks"...$95 a week was the salary.

No job offer but my card designs were in the stores two years later; under Hallmark.
I laugh at it now. Should have learned a very poinent lesson then.
After many years of working in Manhattan at various and sundry Art jobs, all of which groomed me for the final job at Lederle Laboratories Pharmaceutical Company in Pearl River, NY. After they interviewed 100 candidates I was honored to accept the job as Senior Package Designer. I had the pleasure working on many important drugs that many of us are on today and having my designs accepted for Centrum, Centrum Silver, Stresstabs, Occuvite, TB Tine, and many other Biologicals like the Flu-Imune Vaccine which changes yearly.
I worked with some senior Lederle staff members,( My father-in law) who actually worked with Johnnah Salk, and Dr. Sabin, who invented the Polio Vaccine back in the 1950's along with Dr. Lederle, himself. My late father-in law, Stewart Aiston, was quite active in the mid 40's working on the vaccine that we all had in the 50's to prevent us from getting Polio. So I guess in my very quiet way and his, we helped contribute to a very good cause and worked diligently behind the scenes. I designed a huge 4ft.X8ft. illustration representing how the drug was invented from experimenting on mice, guinea pigs, monkeys and the poor Beagle pups that all went into the findings of developing the Polio Vaccine that he would take to court ,saved many of our lives.
Every time some poor child did come down with polio and Lederle was getting sued my father-in-law went to court with my presentation folded up under his arm. We would win the court cases because obviously the cure was better than the disease...........
During my active career, before I was forced into retirement at the age of 48 in 1998. Lederle, sadly was sold to Wyeth Ayers and I was never able to get a job comparable; making the same wonderful salary.
My Moms health was diminishing and I refused an offer to move to Radner, Pa. to work in their art department. I knew they were going to take our valuable information, chew us-up and literally spit us out. So I declined the invitation and nursed my Mom for the next 3 years of her life, never telling her of my diagnosis..
It turned out, I was falsely diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2000. Mount Sinai, Columbia Presbyterian and The Elinore and Lou Gehrig Foundation all had me doomed for death. Guess they were all wrong. I'm still here and you can all attest to that unless I was a miragé at the reunion......
UPDATE: 2/9/2010
While at my lawyer's office;
He specializes in personal injury, He mentioned to me that my "Un-diagnosed attrophy may be a sleeping side effect from the "Polio Vaccine", Of All Things!!!!
Now ain't that a kick in the butt?
He has come across cases with very similar symptoms.
Isn't it interesting to see our lives unwind very much as in a movie we are watching.
Everything seems to be intertwined somehow.

Today I live with my best friend Sophie, a Black Lab. In my spare time I still create in many multi-media projects. I will never stop creating.

School Story:

The Reunion changed many of my perceptions of High School to a Much Better Memory.
( Thank You )
to the Class Of 1965

My memories of school were not so wonderfully remembered. I wish I had as much fun as many of you did. I was way too shy and really didn't know how to reach out and say, "Hey, I'm here can I join your circle too?" Everyone always seemed like a person whom I'd like to get to know. Guess I didn't say it loud enough.

I did play the piano "Loud Enough" for Dr. Brooks in Chorus to want me to STOP!!!!!! Does anyone remember that?
I played anything and everything by ear. He hated that talent and didn't want me to continue. Too many of you enjoyed the music and appreciated I could play without reading a note. So a very few of you knew of my 88 key secret. (Dr. Brooks, We will never know what you could have developed in me had you only thought outside of the box, So shall we speak.

What is the most interesting thing you have done since high school?

Learning that life is not a bowl of strawberries and I've been surviving on my own for more years than the 20 I was married.. The more trials and tribulations I'm faced with, the stronger I become and take great pleasure in realizing just how resilient I am. Thus it is of tremendous interest to me to see just how far I have come and endured since High School.
New Chapter in my book. My beautiful home is on the market. Have no idea how Sophie and I, my 10 yr. old Black lab, are going to fare in an apartment. No more playing in the dirt any more. I doubt Sophie will take her leash and walk to the Poo- Poo designated area!!!! At 11P.M. in rain or snow? This Chapter is going to be harder than all the rest. We shall Survive. THANK YOU GOD! It didn't sell. There is no other place I would rather be than in "My Home with Sophie
on God's 1/2 Acre." .......... Sophie, you can poo
where ever you want to:-)

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Happy Birthday Harry!

Sep 27, 2021 at 7:51 PM

Happy Birthday Steve

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It is with a heavy heart I make this entry, this last week we lost yet another precious classmate, our Pammie Sue. She put up a brave fight for many, many years warding off the dreaded big "C" and dealing with the loss of sight. She was a true survivor and even gave me strength over the years to deal with my own bouts of cancer and loss of sight. We gave each other the right to be sad but not to wallow. I was not prepared to make room on the piano for Pam at least not this soon. All I can say is that she is at peace now and in a much better place than what is going on in this cruel world as we speak. Rest peacefully my dear friend I will miss you and your healing and encouraging words.


Aug 15, 2021 at 12:25 PM

Happy Birthday, Mary, I hope you are enjoying your day, Carla

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Joanna, i always had this distant memory in the back of my mind; I knew you a long, long time ago and it just really hit me. Your sweet Mom taught me ceramics back in the late 50”s and at the reunion, you even said that to me but I was in such a “rush” state of mind, i just said agreed with you at the moment. I always thought I’d have another chance to talk with you but it never happened. So! Joanna, all these precious years later, here i am. I always knew you were a very sweet person and quite creative and a lover of the arts just like me.
Your tribute to George was so beautifully said. I never knew him but that smile caught my eye. It was a lovely gesture, going to pay your respects. Also your sharing the beautiful picture of the boy, most of us never knew. Thank you!
I moved up to the lower Catskills an hour and a half drive from Hillsdale. I love the arts the mountains and the history up here. it’s very peaceful. I would love to talk with you. I don’t go on line much my computer is a 2009 Mac, they are phasing me out so I have to buy another computer. I’d love to talk if you care to I’m at 845-647 9234. it would be a real treat many, many years later but not too late. I have some memories I’d like to share. With warm thoughts, Carla

Oct 29, 2016 at 4:33 AM
Oct 29, 2015 at 4:33 AM
Sep 28, 2015 at 3:59 PM

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! I’m thinking of you, Carla

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Older with well earned wrinkles. Been told I wear them well !
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You Guys pick my Master photo
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My Hand drawn Logo done in Adobe Illustrator. All drawn with the mouse.
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My arms are not long enough.
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Some of my hobbies. Most of these I give as presents.
One of my shadow boxes close-up. All hand cut paper.
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My sweet Sophie (the Black Lab) and Bogey (The pervert)