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06/25/20 06:22 PM #4643    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Judy Maxwell - Thank you so much for the interesting Log Cabin, information!  I think the secret to their fried chicken was the fact that they used small chickens.  Some of their relatives opened a place close to Normangee with the same concept, friend chicken family style with vegetables.  We ate there a few years ago; however, I understand that they are now closed.

Kathy Culpepper - I just looked up your sister, who was a classmate of mine.  I definitely remember her.  I am sorry that you lost her so young.  It is cool that you remember her driving you around.  I used to take my sisters with me to Baileys, even though they were much younger.  My sister remembers those good times.  My twin brother, Coady (also a 1965 classmate) passed away in 2009 at the age of 62.  I know how sad that can be. Being a twin, we always had each other to play with, he was Roy Rogers and I was Dale Evans.....sweet memories.  

06/26/20 11:43 AM #4644    


Katherine Newton (Courtland) (1968)

Good morning!  June 26, 2020.   About DANCING!!!    Wow, thanks for the photo of Domed Shadows, Judy Maxwell!  Also enjoyed about the Larry Kane posts and the figs too!  You are a group with many talents and stories!!   More thoughts on the Domed Shadows:     When I went dancing there with a group of SHHS gals in 1967-68, we were the only ones from SHHS who went there and most of our classmates never even heard of it. I was surprised to learn later on here that classes behind me continued the tradition. There were not many popular night clubs that let in underage. We only ordered coke or Dr Pepper though, never tried to get alcohol, but most of the patrons were 21 and up, many who came to Houston for events at the Astrodome. We dressed up with a lot of makeup in heels, hose and dressy dresses to look older. I think they winked at our young age as females, and would not allow same age guys inside. Amazing my parents thought we dressed that way for a movie but even the movies were more of an 'occasion" than now. (Remember the fancy old theaters downtown and the Alabama Theater on West Alabama?) Anyway, for an update on the Domed Shadows, we had been living in Alabama for the 1990s and were transferred back home to Houston in 2001. We bought a home very close to Rice Univ and Rice Village where I spent my early years, so I frequently drove down Buffalo Speedway near Main St for various shopping outings. I could not believe the Domed Shadows was still standing! It looked pretty rough and was renamed a Hispanic name but it WAS there! They finally tore it down around 2007. Only if those walls could talk!    Another very interesting nightclub I attended after high school days but while I was still underage, was the Cinder Club! It was 98% Black with fantastic music and we only felt safe going there with dates as a good sized group. The Cinder Club was near U of H, not far from Dowling St in the black neighborhood. They had good sized black bands, almost orchestra quality but played fabulous music like Heard it Thru the Grapevine, Sittin on the Dock of the Bay, Brick House, Chubby Checker twist music, Elvis stuff, etc. As had been a longstanding tradition at Roberts Elem on Greenbriar,  I took ballroom dance along with my whole Elementary class in the 6th grade.. We moved to the North side when Mom remarried Geo. Cornell who owned a tax business at Roxella and E Hardy St. and I attended Fonville. Anyway the year of lessons kind of stuck with me like riding a bike. In the 1990s, even though we were in our late 40s, we began to take ballroom dance lessons with a group of friends in Birmingham, AL. Hubby was amazed when an advanced dancer asked me to dance and I could follow him on most of his complicated steps in the swing, rhumba and fox trot (similar to country 2 step). Our 2 kids were going off to college soon and this gave us a whole new hobby and new friends to enjoy every weekend. Thus we began to dance every weekend, at least 50 weeknds ever year for about 25 years now. We have even found places to dance in Paris, Venice, London, Hawaii, and Dubai, and then dancing almost every night on cruises. When dancing in Paris, an older gentleman sat at our table in the balcony, drank both of our drinks, waved and moved on! Europe played mostly American rock and roll but did not respect the line of dance as in most ballroom over here.  When we returned to Houston after 15 years in Alabama, it took a little while to discover the underground ballroom dance world. There were actually about 6 formal ballroom dance private membership clubs in 2001-2008, but now I think there are only 2 or 3 left. We danced at great venues: the Petroleum Club, the Downtown Club, River Oaks CC, the Rice Hotel where we had our SHHS Prom. Hubby and I became coPresidents of Houston's oldest club, The Quadrille, created by returning WW2 soldiers who desired to continue the Officers' Balls they had in the Military. We had 5 lovely balls per year at the gorgeous Houston Country Club off Woodway. Nothing like waltzing to nice orchestra music all dressed up in flowing gowns and tuxes, with everyone knowing how to weave in and out of the crowd. We were just social dancers, never competition quality, but absolutely enjoyed it immensely!  In between the formal dances, we danced weekends at the St Regis hotel near the Galleria or a piano bar called "Capps", a great old dive where Frank Sinatra's former driver hung out and the band had a singer from Archie Bell and the Drells! (The Tighten Up song) Those two places are still great venues for live music as far as I know. As the dancers aged, the clubs have slowly folded, and one of the few that still exists is The River Oaks Dance Club which held most of their balls at the newer Petroleum Club with a lovely downtown Houston view. Returning to Birmingham for retirement, they have the same struggle with most of their private ballroom groups closing due to age and not as many young people join. Studies have shown ballroom lead and follow dance is the absolute best sport for your brain, better than walking, swimming, golf, etc. Dancers show less dementia than average. So, after 25 years of dancing from 1 to 5 times in a week, the Pandemic has ground us to a halt with no dancing since Feb 1st. We miss the dancing and our dance friends so much. We should practice some at home, but it just makes me sad as we do not know when it will ever feel safe to host or attend a dance again. Wish more of our young people enjoyed dancing like we did in high school. I think many just stand around a bar with music and drink. Many community or senior centers offer dance lessons, so maybe consider them if we ever end this Pandemic! Usually one trades off, so a partner is not needed for the lessons.

06/26/20 06:44 PM #4645    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Caren Reynolds #4669. It is hard losing a sibling. We were so close. That year we lost Barbara the 9 months later Mom and Dad passed 1 month apart. We never quite got over the sadness.
Barbara was much more outgoing and we had tons of fun going places like Dodson Lake, she and I both taught swimming there. Spring creek was another summer time hangout.

Linda Downey #4665 I was in the Tiger Band. I remember you. I played from elementary until I got a job at 15. Money meant more in those days. Lol

06/26/20 07:46 PM #4646    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Kathy ~ Dodson Lake is where we took swimming lessons.....

What instrument to you play?


06/26/20 08:31 PM #4647    


Katherine Newton (Courtland) (1968)

Randy Tolman,  You preferred the gals from Regan and Waltrip?? How could you? angry

06/27/20 01:53 PM #4648    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Judy- Barbara and I taught in the morning at Dodson Lake then took life saving lessons to be life guards in the afternoon. I was only 13 so I was a junior life guard. Barbara worked at Inks Lake as a lifeguard and got to live there during the week. I was so jealous that I wasn't old enough. Then in the evenings that summer we also took every Red Cross course offered at the Red Cross Headquarters downtown in that beautiful old house right below the pierce elevated. When I was 15 I was a Red Cross volunteer at the Veterans Hospital during the Vietnam war. If you see a pattern, my Dad was active also in Red cross and worked during Hurricanes and other disasters. My Dad, my Hero, Scouts, Red Cross and also a volunteer fireman for the Aldine Westfield Volunteer fire department on Little York.

I played clarinet in the band. All of us Culpepper's played in the band. We were always busy doing something constructive like Mom and Dad. I was quite the nerd in those days.

06/27/20 07:34 PM #4649    


Randy Tolman (1967)

Katherine. Well now that I've had time to think about it, my timeline may have been a little off. I started going to Love Park BEFORE high school. My oldest brother got his drivers license and he told us there. That would make me about 12-13yrs old. My 2 brothers, me, and our 2 neighbors all went. It was a lot of fun and we kept on dancing 🕺 the nights away. Nothing against the girls from Sam Houston at all. As a matter of fact there was this one girl when I was in SH that I was totally smitten 🥰 with. I'll not mention her name (LS) to save her some embarrassment. She just didn't seem to be as interested in me as I was in her. Go figure?? In high school, after both my brothers graduated, about all I did on weekends was work and about all I did on weekday nights was work too. So I never really got to hang out with the kids from SH. Also about the year I was President of the FFA class, it was school year '65-'66 because I graduated in January '67. By the way (LS) if you ever read this I hope you have had a good life. I think about you often. I've had a good life. Been married to my lovely wife from Aldine High School for 51 years now! I love reading all these post even though I didn't know most of the people who are on here. Some I do remember, however. Y'all be good to each other and keep posting!<>>


06/28/20 11:40 AM #4650    


Linda Downey (McKnight) (1967)

#4674 Kathy, I never thought you were a nerd! I thought you were funny. You made me laugh. Now that I read about all the things you were involved in, I'm so impressed!  You have really lived your life to the fullest!  I have thought of you so many times, even though I only knew you for a short while. You were fun to be around! 

06/28/20 05:09 PM #4651    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Linda Downey you made my day. Thank you so much. We were busy that's for sure.

07/04/20 10:01 AM #4652    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

                      HAPPY 4TH OF JULY



07/17/20 11:11 PM #4653    


Peter Olafsen (1967)

My sister, Astrid Olafsen, class of 1966, passed away July 14, Just wanted to let folks know. More information to follow later.

07/18/20 10:50 AM #4654    

Jerry Poole (1964)

I am saddened to hear of Astrid's passing. Without my year books (in storage in the Philippines) I am not sure I knew her by name but probably by face recognition passing in the halls of school. I know your pain of losing a sibling. I lost my older brother Tim Poole, class of 1959 in Jan. 2017. They are gone but never forgotten. May they RIP. 


07/18/20 10:56 AM #4655    


Jerry Deason (1962)

Peter, I am sorry to hear of Astrid passing. I am a graduate of 1962 and I not familiar with your family, but we are Tiger family. I too lost my twin sister last year, and understand your lost. BE TIGER STRONG. God bless your family.

07/18/20 11:45 AM #4656    

Kenneth Heron (1966)

Pete, I remember Astrid well. I was in several classes with her. She had long, dark hair and loved to wear black leotards. She was friendly and cheerful to us. She very smart and elegant. I don't need my yearbook to remember her fondly. My prayers are with you and your family. Kenneth Heron, Class of 1966.

07/18/20 04:28 PM #4657    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Peter, I too lost a sister. Please accept my condolences for your loss. Tiger strong.

07/18/20 11:59 PM #4658    

Len Wolff (1967)

I'm so sorry to hear about Astrid's passing, Peter. She was a lovely young woman; poised, intelligent, and witty. I always enjoyed her dry sense of humor. I often think of the snowball fight we had in your front yard. Astrid had a wicked good arm and a blazing fast(snow)ball!

07/19/20 12:10 PM #4659    


Linda Downey (McKnight) (1967)

Peter, I too lost my younger sister, Cheryl, class of 1970. She was killed in a head-on collision on her way home from work. I will always miss her. We were very close. I'm so sorry for your loss. 

07/19/20 02:15 PM #4660    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Peter, I, too, am so sorry to hear that you lost your sister.  The hurt of losing a sibling runs deep.  I lost my sister, Pam Reynolds - Class of 1967 in 2013.  I lost my twin brother, Coady Reynolds - Class of 1965, in 2009.  Pam was the flower girl in my wedding.  Coady and I played Roy Rogers and Dale Evans when we were young, sure miss that little cowboy.  :(

Jerry Deason, I know the grief you are feeling from losing your twin sister.


08/07/20 11:32 AM #4661    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Peter sorry for the loss of your sister. Prayers to you and your family. May your fond memories of her keep her alive in your heart always.

08/18/20 11:27 PM #4662    

Carol Bryant (Warren) (1970)

It takes a few days to get informaton actually posted on the home page, so I am posting here in the Forum so at least some people will see it until information gets added.




Unfortunately, with Covid-19 guidelines for the Venue and the deadline to have deposit refunded, the Committee made the hard decision that it was necessary to cancel the Reunion for this year. This was not a decision that any of us wanted for our class reunion.

If there is any way that we can get past the Covid-19 issue, the Committee will try to put together another date in 2021.


The Committee for the 50th Reunion

Sam Houston High School Class of 1970

08/19/20 09:50 AM #4663    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Carol, so sorry class of 70 has to cancel your reunion. Shirley my sister is in that class. Maybe I'll join her again like I did your 10th. Thats the only formal reunion I have attended. I even missed my 50th.

08/19/20 11:38 AM #4664    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hate to hear the 70 reunion is again cancelled but better safe than sorry. SInce there is no plans for putting one together at this time will refunds be made to us? (NEVER MIND I GOT YOUR EMAIL) I was going since that too is my sister Shirley's class and 71 had be invited. Please let us know and an outdoor picnic in the fall would be fun. I may see what I can do with Pinewood/Greenwood Group and include any that want to join us.

Thank for all you have done on trying to get us together


Everyone hang in ther and stay safe!!


08/20/20 12:27 PM #4665    


Rick Faircloth (1966)

Yes it is sad that the Class of 1970 had to cancel there 50th class reunion ,but maybe next they can hold a 50+1.

09/05/20 03:43 PM #4666    

Moses Clepper (1976)

David Zingelmann's birthday (Class of '76). RIP

09/06/20 09:06 AM #4667    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Roberto Padilla
OCTOBER 25, 1954 – AUGUST 31, 2020

Roberto (Bobby) Padilla, 65, of Houston, Texas, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, August 31, 2020. Born October 25, 1954 to Vicenta Romo and Juan Antonio Padilla, Robert was the third oldest of Vicenta and Juan’s six children. Robert attended HISD schools; Looscan Elementary, Burbank Jr. High and Sam Houston High School. He received his Associate in Applied Science degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration from North Harris Community College. On September 27, 1974, Robert began the most precious journey of his life when he married his high school sweetheart, Elaine Kleinecke. They met and fell in love in the 8th grade and were married for almost 46 years. Services Brookside on Eastex Freeway September 9th. Rest in Peace dear Friend.

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