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03/18/21 10:13 AM #4772    


Paula Ruzicka (1972)

March 29 is the day that honors our Vietnam Veterans.
National Vietnam War Veterans Day
I honor and have a deep, abiding respect for all our Veterans and have a special spot in my heart for our Vietnam Vets!
There is terrific info on this website
(including an events link, map, and how to acquire a Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin)

03/19/21 08:26 AM #4773    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Paula Ruzicka, thank you for sharing about our Vietnam Veterans. A time that shaped my life. I honor each and every veteran, but have a special place in my heart for all of my classmates that fought and died to keep us free. God bless each and every one of them.

03/19/21 09:44 AM #4774    

Robert Hinson (1969)

I honor my brother Thomas Allen Hinson every day. He died on July 27, 1969 in Kontum,Vietnam in a helicopter crash in service to our country.

03/20/21 06:38 AM #4775    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Robert Hinson, your brother Thomas is one of the heroes I think of from High School at Sam Houston. I thank you for his and your family's sacrifice. May he rest in peace. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THOSE WHO DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM.

03/20/21 09:40 AM #4776    


Randy Tolman (1967)

It's been 52 years now since since I was in Vietnam and although I will never forget my time there, I have no desire whatsoever to return. I was a combat helicopter crew chief on a CH46 in HHM262. We operated in the northern courps of South Vietnam. My first base of operations was just 5 miles south of the DMZ. We lost far too many good guys over there in that crazy war! And because of the lunatics we sent to Washington DC we also lost the war. Now those lunatics and the rot off springs are still there loosing more wars and what's worse, their losing more good young men and women. Not to "keep us safe" but to keep them and their cronies in power. Hay those representives and senators are not there to be our "leaders." They were elected to "serve" the people not to "lead" the people. I love America 🇺🇸 but she has been going downhill every since WW II. My buddies in Vietnam died for absolutely nothing! And for more than 20 years now they've been firing in Afganistan for what? Absolutely nothing! What does a young man's blood being spilled on the sand dooms of the Asian deserts have to do with you being safe? I'm sorry for going off on this page but it's about Sam Houston High School and our classmates who fought and died, and are still fighting and dying in those "crazy Asian Wars." RIP my fallen brothers & God bless America. Sgt Randy Tolman, USMC '67 - '71.<>>


03/21/21 08:10 AM #4777    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Thank you Randy Tolman. I agree 100%. God bless you and all the men and women who fought for our Country.

03/21/21 09:26 AM #4778    

Daryl Henley (1973)

Very well stated Randy Tolman!

03/21/21 01:56 PM #4779    

Meliss Grace (Bronikowski) (1974)

I ageee... My oldest brother was in vietnam and we are so fortunate he came back to us... He says he would never return as well.. He told us stories and then many stories not told.. Our morher had a vivid memory of WW II and she relived alot of those days.. We have telegrams and ration stamps that she kept from that era.

Thank  you for your service

03/27/21 01:37 PM #4780    

Mel Moy (1960)

It is with great sadness and deep respect that I inform you that my lifelong friend Dr. Charles Jackson, M.D., Class of 1960, has just passed away.  Charles was an outstanding classmate who had many accomplishments.  He was an American Legion Award winner, Editor of the Coloneh yearbook, and cheerleader.  He was a graduate from Rice University and The University of Texas Medical School.  He went on to have a distinguished career as a U.S. Navy Captain before opening his practice as a urologist in Jackson, MS, where he lived for the rest of his notable life.  Charles and his surviving wife, Lee, whom he met at Rice, had three children.  They traveled the globe in pursuit of their love of art and music, meeting relatives and making close friends wherever they went.  I never knew anyone with so many cousins.  Along with John Shockey and the late Tommy Sellers, we kept a promise we made at graduation that our families would remain close forever although we lived thousands of miles apart.

03/27/21 07:37 PM #4781    


Charlotte Pate (Poole) (1962)


03/29/21 10:11 PM #4782    

Steven Shepherd (1970)

I want to say 'THANK YOU" to all of our veterans, especially those who served in Vietnam. Many of us served during the Vietnam War era, but never had boots on the ground or served in the Vietnam theater. Many have suffered from PTSD (like me), Agent Orange, and the other issues. Our nation has always relied on our veterans as the first line of defense. Base closures have weakened our military, but I remember a saying I learned years ago. "WE THE WILLING, LED BY THE UNKNOWING, ARE DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE UNGRATEFUL WITH NOTHING. WE HAVE DONE SO MUCH, WITH SO LITTLE, FOR SO LONG, WE ARE NOW QUALIFIED TO DO ANYTHING WITH NOTHING!" Just a little humor! No, I won't give up my day job.

03/30/21 09:10 AM #4783    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)


03/30/21 09:20 AM #4784    

Robert Hinson (1969)

Steven Shepherd, thank you and all our veterans for your service. Where would our country be without our veterans?

03/31/21 11:39 AM #4785    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hope all of you are doing well.

I also would like to thak all the Veterans for their service. One that didn't make it home was David Berry, family friend. His grave is right by where my Dad has been buried since December of 1990 and now we have laid Mom to rest beside Dad as of October 30, 2020. 


04/01/21 01:16 PM #4786    

Steven Shepherd (1970)

Robert Hinson, I know that we veterans proudly served our nation and continue to serve until we are promoted to eternity. Our service does not end with our DD214! Some gave all. All gave some. STILL proud to be an American. Not only that, but a Christian American Veteran! Thank you for the shout!


04/02/21 07:14 AM #4787    


Randy Tolman (1967)

Steve - Amen brother. The US Military is a brotherhood/ sisterhood that last a lifetime. I'm proud to be an Amarican Marine. And I am very grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be a Christian. God Bless America. Better yet will be the day when we can see once again that "America Bless God!"

04/02/21 08:17 AM #4788    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Jesus is Risen. Happy Easter everyone.

04/02/21 03:17 PM #4789    

Sherald Hixson (1958)




04/02/21 08:43 PM #4790    


Debbie Vollert (Campbell) (1971)

One of our classmates is seriously struggling with Covid this evening. He was just sedated and his doctors are trying to figure out what to do next. I can't share his name but our Heavenly Father will know who you are praying for. I think he was in the 1972 class. Thank you so very much. 

04/03/21 12:02 PM #4791    

Mel Moy (1960)

I now know several people who have contracted Covid.  As you know most people have survived without severe problems.  But, unfortunately, some people don’t.  The estimated death toll in our country exceeds 560,000 and climbing.   The healthcare workers have gotten much better in treating covid, but we don’t have a cure, just a change in odds.  The best strategy is to do what statistically has been the most effective therapeutic approach used by the doctors to keep diagnosed covid patients out of the hospital.  But it must be done as soon as possible.  If stricken, ask your doctor for an infusion of monoclonal antibodies.  It is an FDA approved therapeutic treatment for covid, yet not widely available or administered.  Former President Trump, his attorney Rudi Giuliani, and former N.J. Governor Christy received the treatment from Regeneron.  We now know that Trump was considerably sicker than first announced when they rushed him to Walter Reed.  Let’s keep our classmates out of the hospital and pray that the ones who are ill become well.

04/03/21 04:42 PM #4792    


Charlotte Pate (Poole) (1962)



04/04/21 10:15 PM #4793    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Mel Moy,

Do you have the Obit notice for Charles Jackson?  I would like to have a copy to put in my notebook of 1960 classmates who have gone but not forgotten. 


04/05/21 05:24 AM #4794    

Mel Moy (1960)

To Mary Finch Brown-


In response to your request, I am posting a copy of the obituary published in the Jackson MS newspaper for Dr. Charles Jackson. Perhaps others will find the obit of interest.





“It has been a remarkable journey and I have been blessed many times over.”

Dr. Arthur Charles Jackson, Capt. M.C., USN R (ret.) died March 25, 2021, in Jackson, MS, with his wife of 53 years and his son by his side, after a long battle with scleroderma. Visitation is 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 1, on the front lawn of 3615 Hawthorn Dr., Jackson, MS 39216. Masks and social distancing are required by the family. Due to COVID-19, interment is private but will be live-streamed at 2:00pm at: . The festivity Charles desired—“lots of music, wine, and even dance”—will be scheduled in some fashion in November.

A urological surgeon and Navy captain from Houston, TX, Charles and his wife Fitzhugh Lee (Jones) settled in Jackson, MS, in 1976 in the house where they had wed in 1967, as it was previously the home of Lee’s parents. Charles was the grandson of European and Mexican immigrants who settled in Houston at the turn of the 20th century. His British grandparents imbued him with Victorian sensibility in table settings, discipline, and personal grooming. His Carl forebears bestowed lifelong values of self-reliance, tenacity, and again, fine grooming.

He was born 8 November 1941 to Arthur Charles and Juanita Marie (Carl) Jackson in Houston, TX. Attending his delivery was Dr. John Zell Gaston, a cousin to Charles’s eventual wife. A cradle Episcopalian, Charles grew up in the rural suburbs of North Houston, attending Houston Public Schools. From childhood he wanted to become a doctor; his working-class parents ushered him toward that lofty goal. The Sputnik launch in 1957 shocked the U.S. into prioritizing science education like the U.S. Navy- and Texas A&M-sponsored program Charles attended in White Sands, NM. Popular and outgoing, Charles was elected cheerleader five times before graduating as class valedictorian from Sam Houston High in 1960.

With scholarships from Schlumberger and the Houston Endowment, Charles matriculated at Rice University. At Rice he earned both a B.S. in biology (1964) and the affections of Fitzhugh Lee Jones, a biology major and cellist from Mississippi. The first in his family to graduate college, Charles promptly departed for a summer in Austria working as a bookkeeper (and beer drinker) at Brauerei Zipf. On 17 June 1967, Charles married Lee at her childhood home in Jackson, MS. Their honeymoon in Europe was eight weeks of shoestring travel in a rented VW Bug, including a foray behind the Iron Curtain. Their first married years in Dallas, TX, yielded daughter #1, Mary Etta; an M.D. from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; and an ensuing 22-year career in the U.S. Navy.

Completing Urology training as a Navy Surgeon moved them among Boston, MA; Newport, RI; Oakland, CA—where daughter Elizabeth Carl was born; and Orlando, FL. They settled in Lee’s hometown of Jackson, where Charles joined Dr. Julian Wiener and Dr. Roy Kelly at the Urology Clinic; and son John Henry was born. A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Charles was Board Certified in Urology and licensed in five states. He was clinical faculty at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and served briefly as Interim Chief of Urology at the Bethesda National Medical Center. Charles was beloved by patients for his skill and kindness. He retired his practice in 1991.


Charles raised his three children to love Halloween and high art, treat people with equal consideration, respect tradition, defy convention, dress with flair, regard wealth as secondary to character, and never pass up a spectacle. He provided his niece, Jenifer, with invaluable support, and zealously maintained ties with friends from junior high and extended family. A passionate supporter of the arts, Charles served variously as president and board member of: the Jackson Music Association, the Mississippi Opera, the Jackson Ballet, the Caledonian Society, and the English Speaking Union, Jackson chapter. The ESU Shakespeare Competition he facilitated sent local students to New York and London. 


A devout communicant, usher, teacher, and fundraiser for 45 years at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral, Charles followed a family tradition of Freemasonry as a member of Pearl Lodge #23 F.&A.M. He served as a Worshipful Master (2002) and as Deputy in Mississippi to the International Supreme Council (2001–2020). Selected to 33rd degree in 2013, he belonged to both York and Scottish Rites. Charles relished the constructive civic role and the bonds of Freemasonry.


Charles is survived by his wife, Fitzhugh Lee Jackson, his daughter Mary Etta “Marie” Trosclair (Los Angeles, CA); daughter Elizabeth Jackson (Austin, TX); son John Henry Jackson (Maurine “Meemie”) and granddaughter Ava Catherine (New Orleans, LA). Also, of Houston, Charles’s brother Donald Wayne Jackson (Cathy), niece and goddaughter Jenifer Jackson-Schlaich, and grandniece Celeste. Charles’s legacy also carries on with beloved Carl, Husband, and Leslie cousins, and British relatives, the Pollards and Jacksons.


In lieu of flowers, memorials are to the Arthur Charles Jackson Memorial Trust at Community Foundation for Mississippi ( -or- 119 South President St., 1st floor, Jackson, MS 39201); Pearl Lodge #23 F.&A.M. (PO Box 22984, Jackson, MS 39255); or St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral ( -or- PO Box 1366, Jackson, MS 39215).

04/22/21 07:28 PM #4795    


Deborah Quinn (Hensel) (1972)

Planning is already underway for the 50-year reunion for the class of 1972. We hope that, by May or June of 2022, we'll all be able to gather in public again without worrying about passing this evil virus around. Keep your fingers crossed. I have made some tentative inquiries about having the event out at the beautiful new Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Resort on Lake Conroe, but that is not set in stone. Also, I have also asked several of our classmates to participate in a little detective work to make sure we have up-to-date contact information in order to reach out to everyone. As plans progress, we will be posting information here, but if you want to make sure you don't miss any news, you also might check out the Facebook page called Sam Houston High School Class of '72 ( Or you may feel free to email me with your address and other contact information and I will pass it on to our "class detectives" to include you on the list. My email address is If you have friends who are not actively checking this site and are not on Facebook, please encourage them to email me. Go Tigers!

Deb (Quinn) Hensel

1971-72 Aegis Editor 

04/23/21 11:18 AM #4796    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Thanks Mel.  This is perfect.  He was an impressive person and very much fun to sit and visit with.  I think you are as well.  Hope we will be able to get together again very soon.   

Hope this finds you and your family happy and well.  

My family seems to be growing more and more with the great grandkids coming along fast and furious.  

Sending God's blessing your way.


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