Report on Charitable Giving

MJHS 21st Century, Inc.

2017 Report on Charitable Giving

In providing this report on the 2017 charitable giving to the Hughes, AR community, the Board of Directors of MJHS 21st Century, Incorporated would like to call your attention to the ongoing trauma being faced by many citizens of Hughes in the area of health.  Tragically, there were six (6) deaths during the first five (5) weeks of 2018 in Hughes; all from the Black community…


They were;

  1. Leon Lee
  2. James Jackson
  3. George Davis
  4. Corey Weem
  5. Christine Burdock
  6. Polly James

These deaths were caused by illnesses.  By certain standards, this experience could be labeled an epidemic, which warrants some type of response from those who are able.

In keeping with the mission of MJHS 21st Century, Inc. the Board will attempt to address these conditions with the resources available to it.

As a non-profit, 501-c-3 organization, MJHS 21st Century, Inc. sponsored and/or supported three activities during 2017.  Since the gifting during the Christmas holiday was the largest, that event will be reported on first.

Christmas Holiday Gifting, 12/15/17 – 12/16/17

During September of 2017, the Board members voted to allocate an expenditure of $1300 for these two days of giving.  It was agreed that half this amount would be funded by donations from the Board and the remaining portion deducted from the non-profit account.  In summary, $650 would be raised by the Board and $650 would be withdrawn from the account.

The actual contributions and expenses associated with these two days were as follows. 

  • Total expense for 2 days of gifting - $1232.72
  • Actual monies raised by the Board - $800
  • Actual monies withdrawn from account - $432.72
  • Expense for Turkeys and Ham - $$1173.42
  • Expense for student gifting – $159.30


This event covered two days.  The first day of gifting, December 15, 2017 went to 24 pre-school students enrolled in the ASU program on the campus of the former MJHS.  Each student received an educational toy designed to enhance their learning capabilities.



The second day of gifting involved the distribution of 80 turkeys and ham to households in the community.  Ten (10) were delivered to the homes of persons who were physically unable to come to the gifting location.  This level of gifting represented an increase of 14 additional turkeys and ham over 2016.  Each year, the giving has increased.


We would again like to express our gratitude and thanks to Ms. Dorothy Yancey Williams who provided the space for the community to come and receive their gifts. She was also instrumental in working with the staff at the ASU pre-school program on the needs of the students and gift wrapping each of them.  This event could not have been successful without her support.

Others who provided outstanding support in making this event a success included Mr. John Merkson (Dallas, TX), Mr. Wiley Brown (Memphis, TN), Mr. J. T. Scales (Hughes, AR), and Mr. Robert Merkson (Heth, AR).  Their sacrifices and willing to help others is greatly appreciated.  Last, but not least is the MJHS Board of Directors who contributed $800 for the 2017 Christmas Day of Giving and continue to serve a s the backbone for this charitable operation. 



The second event to report was the OctoberFest held on October 7, 2017 in Hughes.  This was the fifth consecutive year of the festival since it began during administration of former Mayor Larry Owens.  Even with the inclement weather that day, the community came out to support and participate in the festival.  Former Mildred Jackson Elementary teach, Mrs. Holman served as the MC. 

The festival provided family oriented entertainment with gospel singing by the Sanders Singers and the Valley District Choir.  There were bouncers for the children and a

bar-b-que cooking contest for the grill masters. Nine vendors participated in the festival making food, products and services available to all in attendance. Blood pressure and diabetes screenings were provided by the Lee County Coop under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Robinson.  The Silas Eason Band provided the closing act with a live performance that sent everyone home full and satisfied.

Mr. Sam Brown, a MJHS Board member served as the Lead coordinator of the festival and worked with community leaders including the mayor to help organize the event.  The festival was self funded and did not require an expenditure from the non profit reserves.  We would like to thank Mr. Sam Brown for his continued support to the Hughes community and his sacrifices in doing so as a resident of Detroit, MI.

The last and newest activity to report was Movie Night in Hughes.  On November 3, 2017 the community was invited to attend this event free of charge.  There were two movies shown at the Hughes Community Center with refreshments, popcorn and shacks provided to all in attendance.  The first movie entitled “Food, Clothing & Shelter, the ripple effect”, focused on food choices that preserve health and the growing need for more community gardens.  In spite of the stormy weather, there were 26 people in attendance.

Movie Night was a pilot project aimed at measuring how successful this approach would be in addressing health concerns and sharing critical information.

The use of the community center to host the event was donated by the Mayor’s office and the remaining costs for refreshments and snacks were covered by personal donations.

This concludes the 2017 Report on Charitable Giving by MJHS 21st Century, Inc.

Those willing to support these ongoing activities and plans to expand the support to the Hughes Community may do so by donating to MJHS 21st Century, Inc.  Your contributions should be mailed to P. O. Box 664, Hughes, AR  72348.




Malvin Merkson

Board Chairperson