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•   Kim Lee Magdalein  12/5
•   Ronalyn Claire [Ronni] Veckruise (Echevarria)  12/3
•   Rahney Earl Rahn  11/28
•   Linda Katherine [Kathie] Bozard (Barker)  11/21
•   Gary Webb  9/30
•   Zondra Louise Tyre  9/5
•   Robert [Bobby] Kirkpatrick  8/27
•   Dorothy [Dottie] Ketchum (Class Of 1968) (Fletcher)  7/4
•   Robert Ross [Bob] Hackney  6/28
•   Mary Marsha Ivey (Dukes)  6/22
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Samuel W. Wolfson High School
Class Of 1969


On December 22, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the world’s largest and most powerful space telescope ever built, launches from French Guinea, South America. It will orbit the sun and allow scientists to look at what our universe was like about 200 million years after the Big Bang and capture images of some of the first galaxies ever formed.  JWST will also search for planets outside our solar system.

Bruce with a section of the telescope's lens

Our own Bruce Barringer is a Principal Flight Systems Engineer on JWST, responsible for operation of two of the five instruments. One of his mentors was Coach Epting who recognized Bruce’s aptitude for math and physics, giving him encouragement and guidance. His skills were beyond what even Wolfson could offer - during our senior year, he left campus every day after homeroom and commuted to JU for college-level classes in those subjects (along with Billy Coleman).  

As his level of responsibility grew, so did Bruce’s crack cocaine addiction which he struggled with in the mid-2000s. But with God’s help, he was able to overcome this to be an important part of this inspiring space program - and reach for the stars again.


Launch is set for Wednesday, December 22 at 7:20 am EST

Launch and Deployment Sequence

And a special shout-out on Wolfson's FB page (thanks, Principal Begley!)

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