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11/13/10 11:58 PM #1    

Karen Abrams

Welcome to the Henry Snyder High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/24/11 12:40 PM #2    

Richard Schimel

Well folks, I survived the earthquake that originated in Mineral, Virginia!  Actually, it was a non-event for me -- I was on an elevator in a D.C. office building, and I didn't feel a thing.  My new associate, with whom I was sharing a "teachable moment" at the time, felt it, but did not mention anything to me.  We went to lunch, and I noticed that there were lots of people milling about on L Street near Connecticut Avenue.  Apparently, all of the building occupants were told to evacuate.

The Metro ride back to Bethesda was loads of fun.  We were packed in like sardines, and the train was running at 15 mph so that the operator could look for line breaks.

When I was able to call home, I learned from my family that a herd of elephants had landed on the roof of our house, or so it seemed.  As a joke, I wore my OSHA-approved hard hat when I got to my house.

09/03/11 01:20 PM #3    

John Bruso

Well folks I too survivied the Earth Quake,Hurricane Irene and turning 60. Aw gee too many dramtic events in 30 days my heart can't take it now that I am part of the over the hill gang. LOL . I still feel like I am in my 20's,any ladies what to see if I am lieing?

     Have A Great Labor Day Weekend

        John Bruso

05/01/12 06:13 AM #4    


Debra Hahn (Alvarez)

Edith - You are never too old to try something new!  We only have one life and we have to live it to the fullest.  You never want to get to the end and say - "gee, I wish I had done........"  So many people are negative these days - and it's nice to find people who keep their spirits up.  Good luck!

10/20/12 01:14 PM #5    

Dominick Thompson 732-687-4197 Any Time 24x7

                  I wish I were back in SNYDER ,Thanks to all that made my senior year a blast. It seems like it was only yesterday.

                                          Dom Thompson

04/02/13 08:45 AM #6    

Roseann Tuvel (Bassin)

I plan to attent the 60th Birthday Bash.

Roseann Bassin


04/02/13 07:11 PM #7    

Eileen Cavanagh (Danilewicz)

My husband, Dennis, and I will definitely be joining everyone at Monmouth Park.

Looking forward to seeing you all once again!

04/03/13 12:18 AM #8    

Dominick Thompson 732-687-4197 Any Time 24x7

                      I was just wondering if we are going to be evaluated for "Gamblers Syndrome" !!!! in order to attend. Myself I am O.K. I don't drink,don't smoke'don't do drugs or Gamble.  Go ahead ask me what I do...!!!  ........... I dare you...............................Get your mind out of the gutter,     I just play music.   However somethings are a secret.

                                                                Hope to see you all at the races.

                                                                                            Dom T.

04/03/13 05:30 AM #9    

Marie Brugnola

Hi TIGEERRSSS!!!  I won't miss this event for the entire universe.I'm still very,very much alive and kicking.Are YOU???Hot fun, sunshine and waves from sunny Florida.I'm positivily showing up.Hope to see you soon.God Bless!!! Peace,health and happiness to all til we met again.

04/06/13 02:27 PM #10    

Paulette Steinberg (Okun)

I Paulette Steinberg Okun will be attending with her husband Jay Barry Okun. Looking forward to a wonderful afternoon.

04/15/13 07:05 AM #11    

Karen Abrams

April 15, 2013

  Dear All,

Thanks for your RSVPs for our 60th Birthday Bash.  We are looking forward to another fun event together!  :)

The RSVPs are rolling in slowly, however, there are some who will respond a little later to ensure there are no schedule conflicts.  Our planning group is in the process of making calls to those who have not yet responded, so the figures should be higher in the next month.  

Here's our RSVP list as of April 15:



Updated 4/15/13






Richard Schimel

Karen Abrams

Michael Schneider

Follow Up with Teachers

Anne Koles Michals

Elyse Gabin Schifrien

Mindy Goodman

Write people with no email addresses or phone numbers.

Jerry Beer

Steve Weisman

Mark Harris

Call people with email bouncebacks.

Steve Rubin

Scott Silver

David Goodman


Debra Hahn Alvarez

Janet Fischer Kluin

Richard Arenson


Don Tretola

Rae Gladstein Horowytz

Deborah Prager Burstyn


Fran Paterno Ragozine

Janice Switaj Lenahan

Lynn Hollenberg Ross


Marie Brugnola

Marge Seremba

Sarah Hawrylak


Philip Rothman

Sharon Richardson

(now Walker)

Mark Deitch


Richard Gorman


Richard Burke


Judy Scheideberg Saunders


Richard Costanzo


Harry & Ann Lufft (2)


John Bruso


Eileen & Dennis

Cavanaugh Danilewicz (2)




Roseann Tuvel (Bassin)




Dominick Thompson




Paulette Steinberg & Jay Okun (2)








04/15/13 07:54 AM #12    

Kathleen Dearing (Mailler)

I will be unable to attend the Reunion. 

04/15/13 09:03 AM #13    

Patricia Jansky (Maupin)

I am uncertain still if I will be able to attend.

04/15/13 09:09 AM #14    

Janice Polacko (Pursley)

Sorry I will not be able to attend, will be thinking of you guys....

Janice Polacko

04/16/13 01:27 AM #15    

George Paul

I'm not showing if Janice isn't showing!


05/01/13 08:50 PM #16    

Deena Mazer (Markel)

Happy 60th Birthday to all!

I will not be attending the event.  Have fun!!!

Deena Mazer Markel


05/01/13 09:41 PM #17    

Judy Leibowitz

I will not be attending the 60th bash. Living in Portland, Or at my updated condo now. Too far for me to travel.

Judy Leibowitz

05/29/13 03:37 AM #18    

Dominick Thompson 732-687-4197 Any Time 24x7

                        Congratulations to Don Tretola on his award.Way to go Don.smiley

                                                                                            Dom Thompson 

06/10/13 08:28 AM #19    

Laurie Zark (Seigel)

Will not make it this time, maybe the next one.  Have fun and be safe.

07/17/13 07:36 AM #20    

Alicia Basiak (Di Monte)

I just received an email from Karen Abrams requesting funds to return to the USA.  This has happened to me once from someone else before and that was bogus.

Karen, are you aware of this?

Alicia DiMonte

12/31/13 04:38 AM #21    

Dominick Thompson 732-687-4197 Any Time 24x7

   Dear fellow Classmates,

          I would like to wish all our classmates a very Happy,Healthy & Prosperous New Year. That is all that are fortunate to still be in existance . Also Please take a moment to say a prayer for all of us  no matter what religion you are pray for something better for all. It won't cost you anything. I will pray also for those that still haven't grown enough to "Forget the clic's" & love the fact that we are all Brothers & Sisters in the Snyder family & were able to connect of course an extra extra thanks to our Snyder classmates that put in the extra time to make it all possible.

       I would like to make a proposal to try & have our next re-union with the class of '72 United.I miss them also.However to make this happen we really need to Try Harder to make it more affordable.   Remember ...we are not all fortunate enough to be Doctors,Lawyer & Indian Cheifs,if you know what I mean.

                                             God bless you all, even those that don't like me.

                                                               Dom Thompson

07/28/16 03:05 PM #22    

John Davis

07/30/16 09:41 AM #23    

Dominick Thompson 732-687-4197 Any Time 24x7

Very short notice. When did this idea come up? I have to work that day,it's a new JOB ,I need more notice. Would I go????  Yes I would like to . But need at least three weeks notice to get off in the summer.  Can it be changed ?    Call me with an answer.         1-732-687-4197    Dom T.

Sounds like a good Idea to work on.   if you need my help just call me.   Any time day or night . Yes even 3 a.m.  any time but leave a message.   My caller I.D. don't always work.

                                             Thank you for the Notice

10/30/19 06:58 AM #24    

Dominick Thompson 732-687-4197 Any Time 24x7

Hi People, Please keep me informed at     or call me at 732-687-4197  any time day or night. I still work Night & Day. You can also send regular mail to   1162St.Georges ave. Dept. 191 Avenel,N.J. 07001    I can help if you need me.     Dom Thompson


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