Reunion Temperature Read

Is the news about the pandemic causing some concern over attending the 50th Reunion?

Some planning committee members think the prudent thing to do is to postpone the reunion until mid-late Spring, 2022.  What do YOU think?

Please respond with some answers to this brief survey so we may move forward in a definitive way.

The identity of your answers will not be distributed to classmates.  Global responses and conclusions (i.e. "postpone") will be sent via email.  

A "payment due" date is approaching for the, your quick action would be appreaciated if you are so inclined to participate.   

Hope all are healthy, enjoying life, and contining to "live the dream."  

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1)   If the Pandemic was NOT happening, would you want to attend the 50th high school reunion?

Yes No
2)   With the Pandemic surging, are YOU comfortable attending a reunion at the current date of Saturday, October 30th.

Yes No
3)   If we postpone the reunion, what would you like to see planned for a future reunion?

Indoor event; Outdoor event; Daytime event; Nighttime event; or any other ideas or suggestions.
4)   If we postpone the reunion to next year, would YOU like to participant in the planning and promotion of the event?

Yes No
5)   Any other comments / input you would like to share:

You may wish to add your thoughts or comments (like, hey, let's do smaller gatherings on a more regular basis)