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06/15/21 06:10 AM #11    

Robert Dick

Have a separate ' chat room' for political discourse. Those that want to enter can do so.




06/15/21 09:06 AM #12    


David Feingold

Thank you, Marybeth and Bob, for bringing this to a helpful conclusion. 

And to think we did this without adult supervision!

06/15/21 04:15 PM #13    


Marybeth Platt (Crum)


That's a great idea. Talk with Myron about it. He's the one that actually "works" on setting things up on this site. I am unable to do that.

Mary  Beth

06/16/21 06:41 AM #14    

Merle Warshausky

Glad to see that 70ish year olds can settle a matter on their own. Hope everyone stays well and safe.

Enjoy and cherish your family and friends. Although I have not been in touch with most of you all these years, I wish all of you well.

06/16/21 11:07 AM #15    


David Feingold

Ode to Us All

amazing how the years have past

we thought our youth would always last

but we carry on and continue through

it's the same for me as it is for you

I recall when each day

   was filled with laughter and endless play

now grownup stuff gets in the way

sure, we can remember when

    though we can't go back 

    and be there again

wait, I think I hear a familiar sound

it's all the kids from the todd hall playground

incredible--can you still feel it?

it comes from wonderful memories and our jaguar spirit!

so be of joy and all good cheer 

until no one's left 

  til' no one's here

and appreciate our time together

because after all, we're birds of a feather


06/17/21 06:09 AM #16    

Merle Warshausky

To David Feingold: I went to Jamison School in Chicago during my "Todd Hall" years but I have the same sentiments.

06/17/21 08:25 AM #17    

Phil Olsberg

David- Great job on the Ode To Us All.  Well written and sentimental about the old days in Lincolnwood.

06/18/21 10:10 AM #18    

Linda Jacobson (Yellin)

Ditto, Phil for David!

06/18/21 09:18 PM #19    


Marybeth Platt (Crum)


Great poem and very true! Thanks!


06/18/21 10:21 PM #20    


Shelly Wernikoff

Don't you feel better when your doctor says something is "normal" for people our age?

But then, I start thinking... dying will also be "normal" for people our age at some point!

06/19/21 01:41 PM #21    


Susan Burg (Zanchi)

Just to change the subject, I will be in Chicago with some of my Italian family from 25 August to 5 September and thought it would be nice to meet up for lunch, dinner or a drink.  Exact time, date and place is open for now but I would love to see you all.  I have missed all the reunions because I live in Florence, but after many years I will be back for a visit.  Let me know if you'd like to come!


07/17/21 11:26 AM #22    


David Feingold

I would like to provide a link, just uploaded to Youtube.  It is a collaboration between Susen James and myself. 

She is a very humble, amazing master wordsmith and it was my honor to have worked with her on this project. 

A trigger warning: Her poetry is dark and so is my art. It's not everyone's "cup of tea."  For more background information, you can look up German expressionism, regarding dark art in the form of film, literature, poetry, and visual art,  We tap into that tradition.

t might take a few views to truly appreciate the work, given both the subtle and complex interplay of the words, art, music, and video production.  (I'm no Cecil B Demille, so the video is 'proudly rudimentary').   

.Anyway, thought it might be interesting to see what two Jaguars are up to.  Any other noteworthy items by others could be good for us all to post and see as well--as you see fit.  

Also, please indicate if you prefer to see messages like this in another section. 

Hope you're all having a good summer!  Stay safe!



07/18/21 05:24 PM #23    


Marybeth Platt (Crum)

David and Susen,

I LOVE IT! The art is perfect for the poem. Sue and I wrote poetry a lot when we were younger and I know she is a published poet as well as a Scholar professor of poetry and literature at Columbia. Her poems are not always dark.


But this one deals with a dark subject: death. It is fantastic. And the art...amazing.


It's so cool that the two of you collaborated on this together. How did that happen?

Anyway, congratulations to both of you. And thank you so much for sharing!

In peace,

Mary Beth (Platt)

07/18/21 05:25 PM #24    


Marybeth Platt (Crum)

Susan Berg,

I talked with Susen James about this. Let me know where and when, I'd love to see you!!!


Mary Beth

07/19/21 10:51 AM #25    


Susan Burg (Zanchi)

Marybeth, thanks for getting back to me.  I will be in touch ...I am now booking a place for us to stay there.  Strange to be a tourist in my hometown,


09/14/21 05:10 PM #26    


David Feingold

Can you find yourselves in these photos?  Anyone else have any to add?  Send them in and they will be posted! David



09/14/21 05:12 PM #27    


David Feingold

09/14/21 05:14 PM #28    


David Feingold

09/14/21 06:07 PM #29    


Susan Burg (Zanchi)

It is aways nice to see my classmates - faces that remain indelible.  I just got back from a visit to Chicago.  This time I fell in love with it.  My giant city with its beautiful lake and embellished river walk!  Memories of walking down those same streets so many years ago.

Thanks to the group that met up with me at Susen's for pasta al pomodoro and wine.  It was unforgettably perfect! And to those of you who met me for lunch heart!


09/15/21 11:15 AM #30    


David Feingold

Remember this tasty bit of pasta perfection? 

Any food (or other items) you remember enjoying back then?  Post them!


09/15/21 07:22 PM #31    

Carol Sumner (Rosen)

I am in picture #26...front row, second from left but more important is the story about Abby Block. I have wonderful memories of her as my teacher. About 5 years ago I was at a party and I was introduced to a beautiful woman by the name of Abby Block. I immediately asked her if she had taught in the Lincolnwood schools and she said yes...did I have one of your kids? I responded with a big smile that she was MY teacher! I have since seen her many times...she is very special. I am going to send her a copy of the class picture!
Carol Sumner Rosen


02/14/22 09:02 AM #32    


Myron Siegel

Hi all,

While I never intended when setting up this Website to have it be a place for political discourse, I defer to the majority on what to do about it.

I prefer that we use other places Twitter, FaceBook, etc. for posting political points of view, and keep this Website for things about our Class, or Classmates. Of course, if we, or one of our family is running for political office, posting that without the comentary should be okay. 

BUT, in this day and age when people are so easily offended by political comments, I hope we can agree to keep politics out of this Website.  



03/28/22 02:04 PM #33    


Arthur Lovering

FYI...(some may know already)
Here's a Facebook Group website ("Lincolnwood Time Machine") that may be fun/interesting to any past Lincolnwood residents. Mostly historical stuff and a fairly well regulated site.

05/24/22 07:14 PM #34    


David Feingold


As a retired school social worker/artist/designer, I put together this poster in response to the school shootings.  Please copy and post this poster in your Facebook pages, as the Jaguar Sprit moves you!

02/20/23 10:11 AM #35    

Jim Braun

Robert (Bob) M. Davidson, born March 22, 1951, in Skokie, IL, passed away January 24, 2023, from natural causes in Plano, Texas.

Bob was preceded in death by his mother Ada N. Davidson and father Allen Davidson. He is survived by his two daughters and three grandchildren in Texas, his sister Lynn Gurian, brother Paul (Kathy) Davidson and their children in the greater Chicago area.

After graduating from Niles West High School, Bob attended the University of Oklahoma. Bob became a skilled baker specializing in traditional Jewish baked goods and delicatessen fare. During his career in the Bakery and Restaurant industry, Bob owned and operated multiple retail and wholesale bagel establishments and delicatessen-style restaurants.

May he rest in peace, and may his memory be a blessing.

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