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If you see your name listed below, click on it to complete your Profile and begin the registration process. If only your initial/s show where your first name should be please remove them when completing your Profile and add your name instead. If you don't see your name click the Add Name button below to use the Contact Us page to send me a request to add your name and enable you to register -


**PLEASE NOTE: Only former Sloane pupils, teachers or others with a valid Sloane connection will be eligible to join us. 

The names you see here include people who have asked to register for the site but have yet to do so along with all the names I have been able to glean from the School Lists that are in my possession. Once they have created their Profile and I am happy they are who they say they are, their name will be removed to the Classmate Profiles list automatically.

Once you've registered for the website you'll be able to use the website's Profile Subscriptions on the Notify Me page to indicate that you'd like to be notified if any of the other old boys on the Missing Classmates list also register.

Additionally, if you're already a website member and you would like me to add a name to the list please let me know. 

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