Reunion Parking

Friday Oct. 11, 2019

Below is a satellite view of Oakwood Country Club and surrounding neighborhood. In addition to the parking at Oakwood you can park along Peakland Place (Red Arrows) and the upper parking lot of First Presbyterian Church (Green arrow)



Saturday Oct. 12, 2019

The Academy address is listed as 600 Main St.
You can access the Academy Warehouse from Main by going down 6TH Street which is to your right as you face the building on Main. If you look at the maps and pictures below you will see that parking and access to the entrance may be more convienient from Commerce Street.


Handicap access - Academy Warehouse

The first picture shows the back of the building from Commerce St. The RED X is the location of at least two marked handicap spots. The RED arrow is pointing to an entrance that has a hallway leading to an elevator. 

The second picture shows the main entrance. The Red Arrow is pointing to a truck with a ladder on it. This is a marked handicap spot. The green arrow shows a handicap ramp cut into the sidewalk and a ramp to the main entrance door.


Satellite view of building. Red Arrow pointing to entrance.



View of building and entrance from Commerce Street. Red arrow points to entrance.


Closeup of entrance.


Area parking map from Academy website. note: Green lots free after 5:00pm. Red lot is pay parking.