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From: Laurie Thomas Vass

I wanted to let my friends from the Blue Ridge know of my upcoming book, titled "America’s Final Revolution: Reconstructing Jefferson’s Broken Promise of Liberty."
Here is a blurb for the new book:
Forthcoming from GabbyPress!
Our book presents a thesis of American history as perpetual conflict between Jefferson's Declaration and Madison's Constitution. The conflict generally reveals itself in times of social or economic crisis when an observer comments that America is a great nation, but has never lived up to its promise. Our main argument is that American can never live up to Jefferson's promise of liberty because Madison's constitution does not define liberty as the mission of the nation.

Our history begins with Jefferson’s promise of liberty and Madison’s constitution that permanently elevated the financial interests of what Madison called, the “natural aristocracy.”
We cite five major broken promises of liberty, in the 35 years after the Civil War, caused by this incompatibility: The broken promise of reconstruction to Black people: The broken promise to Indians: The broken promise to farmers: The broken promise to working class industrial workers: The broken promise to West Coast Chinese immigrants.

We claim that these broken promises are a result of Madison’s rules of civil procedure that unfairly favored the financial interests of the natural aristocracy, and perpetuated a political culture of shared plunder in government policies.

We further allege that, Madison’s document continues to be the cause for national disunion. We argue that, if Madison had retained the features of state sovereignty and the ideology of liberty of the Declaration, and the Articles of Confederation, that the Civil War and the ensuing broken promises of liberty, would have been avoided.

We apply the analysis of W. J. Cash, in The Mind of the South, to explain that American economic history can be interpreted as a three-stage chronology of economic collapse, common citizen rebellion, and restoration of the ruling class power.

We explain that the cause of economic collapse is the unbalanced centralized power of the natural aristocracy to manipulate the monetary system.
We conclude that the United States will never be able to live up to the promise of liberty until Madison's defective document is replaced with a constitution that makes liberty the mission statement of the new nation.
There is only one path back to liberty.


After hours of hard work, Audrey Haugan has completed part two of the 50th reunion videos!

Use the "Videos" link on the menu or click here:

Thank you Audrey for this lasting tribute to a wonderfully successful gathering of the EC Glass High School class of 1969. 



50th reunion photos are now available on the website! 
You may access from the "Photos" menu on the left or click on this link.


In case you did not get a program about our reunion weekend I thought it was important for you to see the contributions made by so many individuals to our reunion.    - Susan Wright





For those who had their pictures taken at the photo booth, I have listed steps below to access and download them, if you haven't already.

Go to this website link.


Click on EC Glass icon.


Enter the password:  1012


You will see the small thumbnail sized shots.

You may notice a “Buy” button.

Ignore these.

You must scroll way down to see and download the large pictures.

There are 4 pages of pictures. Use the navigation bar at the bottom by clicking the next number or use the > and < symbols.


At the bottom right of each picture you will see some icons.

Click the “download” icon to get your picture. 





***Class directory now available. Click link in menu at left.***

E.C. Glass High School

Lynchburg, VA


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“It’s a beautiful morning
at the greatest high school
in the United States.”

-Jimmy Bryan