50th Reunion Photos

We have collected around 340 reunion photos from the Facebook page and directly from several individuals.
Thank you all who took time to snap photos and share.


The photos are stored in a website built-in photo gallery. It was the only way to handle such a large number of pictures. I am not thrilled with the way the gallery functions, but this is how the website works.

There are several pages of 96 (or so) pictures. When you click on the grid you will switch to a single photo view that is a slideshow. I did not set the system to auto-play the slideshow. You may navigate through the pictures using the arrows on the display or click the "Play" button at upper left and it will change pictures about every 6 seconds. You may also use your right and left cursor keys to move back and forth.

I have also set this page to "public" access, so you can share the link with non classmates.

Click the link below to get started: