Past Reunions!

I have been given some pictures from past reunions and thought it would be fun to share them! If you have pictures from the 5th, 10th or 15th that you would like to share, please just email them to me and I will add them. More pictures from the 20th and 25th are welcome also!

Nancy Mayer


The 10 year Reunion.....

The 20 year Reunion...............

Reunion Committee: Tammy (Risinger) Clapper, Jody (Luedy)Shockley, MaryJo (Maxfield) Manocchio, Patti (Robertson) Jacobs and Kay Riggleman.

Donna Holt catching up with Lynn Owens

Do you know who that is???

Kim (Blanton) Heenan, Jenny (Harden) Scott and Cheryl (Amstutz) Lica checking out the 1978 yearbook!

Lynn (Myers) Bridges, Jane (Wetzel) Jako and Helga Klein: "It's been toooooo long!"

Jeremy Baka, The Dancing King!

Jeremy, Kathy (Kanz) Kleman and Jeff Craft


Another 5 years went by and we are meeting again at the 25th Reunion!

Picture #1 Below:  John Nemtuda, Tim Staten, Mike Goldsmith, Jeff Conley & Mike Pryor