45th Class Reunion 2023

It's hard to believe that we are looking at planning a 45th Class Reunion. Before we take the steps in planning, we need to know how many are interested. And what you would like to see in this event. Please take a few minutes to let us know. 

Thank you!

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1)   Are you interested in attending a 45th Class Reunion?

2)   How far from Mansfield are you willing to travel?

  Stay in Mansfield
  Within 10 Miles (Lexington, Bellville, Ashland)
  More than 10 miles
3)   When would you like to see the reunion take place?

  Summer (June, July August)
  Fall (September, October)
4)   What are you willing to pay PER PERSON?

  $30 - $35
  $40 - $45
5)   Beverages

  Cash Bar
6)   Food

  Full dinner
  Appetizers only
7)   Music? DJ?

This survey ended on 06/01/2022.