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01/02/13 08:04 PM #1    


Jane Reese (Thompson)


The Candy Kitchen after school - Cherry Cokes and potato chips with mustard ( still crave those today!)

Pep Club - White gloves, red, white, and blue cards to spell words

Sock Hops after the games - boys on one side, girls on the other

Decorating for dances and Prom

Big Boy and Thelma - boys examining the inner workings of cars parked around the edge of the parking  lot

Senior cords - that we couldn't write on!

Driving the loop - Big Boy, A&W Root Beer Stand, B&K Root Beer Stand...

01/09/13 09:18 PM #2    


Donald B. "Don" Cragen

I remember having my white Corvair with red bucket seats loaded with thirteen or fourteen kid and driving one day school to the Candy Kitchen and one French Horn witch belonged to David Berry.

01/13/13 08:33 PM #3    


Richard Blunk

I remember doing the same thing cramming my Studebaker full after school and heading to the Candy Kitchen.  The most stupid thing I did was let Julie Gunn drive it one day and she ran it into a parking meter.

01/14/13 08:27 PM #4    


Donald B. "Don" Cragen

It was in Feb or March of 1960 during sectional on Sat. there was a big snow storm, I had driven in for the games in my dads pickup. During the games the snow fell so when we came out of the games the ground and my pickup was covered with snow. So a bunch of the guys jumped into the front and back of the pickup. Well the back end was loaded with snow bullets and they begin to throw them at the fans. And being the good boy that I was I told them that was not nice and to stop it. Well they over powered me and they would not stop it. It just so happened that Jack Leonard and Jim Branham were working that day at the Regal Grocery Store at the corner of Main and Washington St.. As luck would have it they happened to be coming out of the store loaded down with grocery bags for these little old ladies. Those boy's in the back of my pickup were throwing snow bullets at Jack and Jim. The little old ladies got caught in the cross fire. As for being a bystander it was very funny.

04/28/13 03:18 PM #5    


Ione Suter (Thacker)

I sure remember when Elvis came on TV for the first time, and they only showed him from the waist up because of the way he shook his hips! He will always be the KING OF ROCK & ROLL in my eyes. He also served his time in the service. We should all be proud of that fact! He also loved his mother very much. All of his songs were great. Does anyone else remember the KING?

Ione Suter Thacker

06/30/13 11:45 PM #6    


Jim Brunnemer

Karen Smith has been and continues to be so helpful in arranging a book signing event in Martinsville. On Saturday, July 27, from 1-3 p.m. at the Martinsville Public Library, we'll be there to personalize "The Hoosier Game," on sale at a  cost of $20. (The location is a bit ironic, since the only time I entered the library in school days was to get in out of the wind and rain!)

Jane Reese Thompson mentioned that one might recognize places found in the book's fictional town of Morgans Awe, Indiana, as being similar to sites that we who grew up in Martinsville may recall. Here's a brief excerpt from "The Hoosier Game" and one location that you may find familiar:

"South of town arose majestic Tanner's Hill, a monolith unchanged by the vagaries of time. Often, a person revisiting a place of his youth that seemed of considerable size finds the landmark disappointingly normal in the adult reality. Not so with this awesome natural wonder. Tanner's Hill dwarfed the surrounding terrain.

"In winter, boys slogged to the top of the snow-covered promontory, pulling rickety sleds behind them. Plummeting steeply--extending the length of two football fields--was a snowfield designed for young boys by God himself. Intrepid youths shouting 'Geronimo!' careened wildly downhill. Sled and boy would be launched skyward periodically from the small moguls strewn naturally across the hillside..."

On July 27, our hope is that we'll see old friends and classmates and that the gathering will be less a book signing than a reunion of the special people who together walked the halls of MHS.

God's blessings,



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