Prospective Guest Members

We have NO contact information for these Prospective Guest Members.

Anyone who was once a member of the MHS class of '62 (including jr. high & grade school) but graduated from a different high school can be a guest member. However, we are only actively "recruiting" those classmates who actually attended MHS.

Listed here are all of the non-graduating classmates we know of who attended high school with us for whom we do not have any contact information. The list was compiled by scouring yearbook pictures from our Freshman year on up. Let us know if we have missed anyone.

As Administrators, we have reached a dead end in trying to find these people. We are happy to do more research if you can give us any additional information, such as:

  • Email address
  • Married name
  • Middle name or initial
  • Last known address
  • Contact information for siblings, etc.
  • Knowledge that a person is deceased

Just use the Contact Us link if you have any of this information.

YOU are our best ambassadors! If you can personally contact any of these people and invite them to join, please do so. NOTE that you will need to contact the Administrators so we can add any person's name before they can join the site.

NOTE: Current Guest Members who are listed at the bottom of the Classmate Profiles page (in Classmates on the left) are people who attended high school with us but did not graduate with us. They have either already joined or we have their contact information and they have been sent postcards about the site, but that is no guarantee that those have been received. 

Classmates who were in our Junior class but did not graduate with us:

  • Lynn Adams
  • Richard Birkes
  • Carol Hall
  • Carolyn Hanson
  • Rita Jennings
  • Mary Lauderdale
  • Patricia Lawless
  • Kathy Robbins
  • Dale Saathoff
  • Jo Tipton

Classmates who were in our Sophomore class but did not graduate with us:


  • Carol Hemstreet
  • Donald Larkins
  • Billy Laub
  • Max Mefford
  • Cherry Newland
  • Mary Palmer

Classmates who were in our Freshman class but did not graduate with us:

  • Burt Brooks
  • Gary Brown
  • Judy Donnelly
  • David Emery
  • Ronald Ensz
  • Frankie Farmer
  • William Hervison
  • Hazel Hood
  • Judy Jewett
  • Gene Liby
  • Frances Mahan
  • Daniel O'Brien
  • Roger Pearce
  • Paul Potter
  • Al Turner

Carolyn 1/7/11