About This Website

This website has been created by Don Blom in conjunctin with  Justin King, Joe Oravitz, Hal Seamon and Sue Merry. and is intended solely as a social networking site for current and  former state school boards executive directors and staff members of NSBA.  The only rules are that the site is not to be used for commercial purposes or to conduct current NSBA or federation business.  The norms of the site are that respect and common courtesy should be adhered to at all times.  This website is not a part of endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with the National School Boards Association.

To become an active member of the site go to the "Member Profile" section, click on your name, and complete your profile information, being certain to include your email address and other contact information.  We encourage you to post one or more photos on your profile site. 

Once you have activated your participation and selected a password you are good to go!  Feel free to post announcements, send private messages directly to other members, participate in user forums and live chats and the like.  We hope you'll use the site frequently.

Please feel free to use the Contact Us button to give us your suggestions and feedback and to tell us of any difficulties you may be encountering with the site.  Most of all enjoy!