2005 Institute



This is a slide show that was created as part of a presentation Sue Merry, Mike Resnick and I did at the 2005 Summer Institute, reflecting on our combined 100 years of employment at NSBA at the time.

The first half of the slide show was meant to be a lighthearted (perhaps even narcissistic) look back at some of the experiences we'd had at NSBA over the years.  It includes some of the more outrageous magazine covers from Jim Betchkal's days as editor, some of the big name entertainment at NSBA Annual Conferences, a special look at the 1976 conference in San Francisco when, despite a public employee strike that nearly shut down the conference, we had the largest registration ever -- more than 12,500 paid!  There is a shot of Sue riding the elephant that performed at the Sunday afternoon conference fair, a shot of me as Tweetie Bird at a T+L Halloween party in Nashville, and another shot of me as Orene Nessin's slave Ninja Turtle in a skit we performed at an NSBA Board Meeting in Nashville.

The second half of the show is a much more serious tribute to more than 30 great state association executive directors who had served during the more than 35 years we'd been at NSBA, men and women we respected a great deal, who were by that time retired.  I think you'll especially like that part of the slide show.

To access the slide show first be sure to turn on the sound for your computer.  Next click on the file at the top of this screen.  If you are prompted to do so at that point click "open." Then click on the slide show button located on the bottom right hand side of your screen (just to the left of the volume icon).  Enjoy.  (Let me know if you have any problems running it.)