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01/29/10 11:36 AM #1    


Donald Blom

Welcome to the NSBA Federaton Alumni Group forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.  Feel free to initiate a new topic at any time.

07/27/10 03:21 PM #2    

Joe Oravitz

Don.......looks like this site continues to attract our friends and fellow execs.  Congratulations on putting together a program that is easy to use.  Joe O.

07/28/10 03:25 PM #3    

Gary Ashley


Enjoying the website.Easy(I need it to be) to use.


Gary Ashley

07/29/10 10:34 PM #4    


Donald Blom

Thanks Gary and Joe,

This message board is a feature we can use to keep up a dialogue on any number of subjects.  There is also a more complicated version of a forum available that allows you to have dialogues going on multiple topics (each topic having its own distinct thread) but it is somewhat more complicated to use, so in the interest of keeping things simple I thought we could stick with this one for the time being.

I'd invite everyone to share any interesting travel experiences you've had recently or are planning.

As you can see from my profile, Sherry and I had a great trip to Iceland with Hal and Joan Seamon last October.  We had such a great time that we're going to take another trip together this coming September -- this time to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, St.Petersburg Russia, and Helsinki Finland (I jokingly call our travels our obscure country tour).

Next month we're going to Big Sky in Montana to spend some time with Sue Merry and some other NSBA colleagues at the Merrys vacation condo there.  We'll also swing down to Los Angeles (Redondo Beach) to visit our oldest son Brian his wife Diedra.

Finally, we took our first cruise in February, a 10 day cruise on Holland America from Florida to the Panama Canal and back.  I found the cruise life wonderful and can hardly wait to take another cruise adventure.



02/08/11 05:44 PM #5    

Theodore Comstock

 Don- Thanks for putting this together- it's a great resource to keep in touch- Ted Comstock

03/05/11 09:33 AM #6    

Wendell Peterson

Don:  To my knowledge Indiana had only one Executive Director that served as Board Member.  that would be Dr. Harmon Baldwin (1970-75).  Harmon served on the Monore County School Board after he had retired as Superintendent there.  His board service, however was after he was Executive Director, but not before as most others.       Jack Peterson

05/19/12 04:54 PM #7    

Panfilo Contreras

Hello Don!

I fanally got around to getting my info in!!  You might want to update the execs history by state.  I saw a couple of "currents" (including me) that are no longer current. 


This is a great site!  Thank you for your hard work in putting this together. 

06/27/12 09:08 PM #8    

Frank Barham

Harold Seamon served in NJ & Illinois; Dan Tollett served one one week in SC and years in Tenn. feb

08/04/13 06:21 PM #9    

Frank Barham

How could we forget Justin King- Nebraska & Michigan!!!

08/03/14 05:52 PM #10    

Frank Barham

Randy Quinn: Ala & CO. exec. dr. 

08/06/14 08:47 AM #11    

Wendell Peterson

From Jack Peterson:

Great opportunity to communicate with the outstanding fraternity of former Executive Directors.  One additional Exec. that had served as Exec for two different states---Maybe the first to do so?---Dr. Marian McGhehey--he served in Indiana in the 1950's and later became Exec (for years) in Kansas---he also was the Exec. for NOLPE at the same time.  Three of that group were from Indiana.

Is there a plan to have a reunion of Execs. in the future???  Sounds like a good idea!!



08/06/14 08:51 AM #12    

Randy Quinn


Thanks for remembering me and my work in Alabama and Colorado. I must admit that I have been negligent in participating in the forum and in the exchanges among my former colleagues. I'll try to do better. And it's good to discover that I'm not the last standing former exec. 

11/17/14 07:55 PM #13    


Dan Tollett

I just learned of the passing of former North Carolina Exec. Gene Causby.  He was one of a kind--a gifted speaker, a master story teller, a pretty good country singer and guitar player, a very funny man and a great american.  He was a good friend to many of us. We've lost a great one.

11/18/14 02:17 PM #14    

Paul Gorden



I guess I've been remiss in not filling you in on my pre-exec life so here goes:

I served on my local school committee for 12 years. During that time I was elected to serve on the state association board which I did until going to work for the association in 1973. I was named exec in 1977 and served in that capacity for 19 years.

Of course I have many fond memories of my years on the Liaison committee working with a terrific group of individuals. 

Since retiring Norma and I have travelled extensively, spentt quality time with children and grandchildren and wintered in Florida. 

I look forward to hearing more about the wonderful execs I was privileged to work with. 

Paul Gorden

11/19/14 11:57 AM #15    

Chris Dudley

In the words of Gene Causby:

"Know your stuff.  Know who you're stuffing.  And be prepared to Stuff the hell out of 'em".


" He married up better tham any else I ever saw"

12/15/19 10:37 AM #16    

Orbry Holden

Happy Birthday! Jean and I are doing well—just slowing down. Orbry

11/22/20 04:47 PM #17    


Dan Tollett

It is with a sad heart that I inform you that Gary Ashley has been put under Hospice care today.  He had a serious fall on Friday just after his health care provider left and was found 30 hours later.  Sue was home but her dementia is so advanced that she did not know how to respond.  Stephanie has been informed that the prognosis for Gary is bleak and hour to hour.              


4:20 PM

Stepanie just called to say that Gary has just passed away..

11/22/20 07:33 PM #18    

Jerry Maurer

Thanks Dan for letting us kow.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

11/23/20 01:15 PM #19    

Susan Merry

I am so sad to hear about Gary.  Thanks for letting us know, Dan.  Hope all is well with you.  Best.  Sue Merry

11/24/20 08:35 AM #20    

Randy Quinn


Thanks for the notice about Gary. I join all the scores of his friends and past associates in expressing heartfelt sadness at his passing. We had allowed our communication with him, and others in the fraternity, to lapse, but that doesn't diminish the loss. Our thoughts and prayers to Sue and Stephanie.

11/24/20 11:06 AM #21    

David Keller

Very sad to hear about Gary. 

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