Historical Photos

Pastor Donahue Sarff (LBI, Class of 1952) and Karla R. (Bakko) Reichel (GVLC, Class of 1984) have been instrumental in sorting, cataloguing, and assemblying the treasure trove of photos accumulated over the years.

Here are the beginnings of some of their work:

LBI Faculty at Mount Carmel Alexandria, MN  1942

The following are some photos which were found upon opening a box from storage which was marked  as "LBI Registration Forms for Last Names A - B" - There was a small manila envelope marked "B & W Pictures" followed by a partial name of "Pam M." on top of the registration forms holding the eleven photos uploaded below.  It looks like they may be middle 70s to early 80s photos.  So, most likely, GVLC Alums.  If you can identify one or more persons in the photos, then let me know with the photo number and a left-to-right listing ( as necessary ) of the names, etc. - Larry Boatman either via the Message Center link to the left or via email at Larry@larry-boatman.info - As persons are able to identify all persons in a photo, the appropriate information will be added to the photo number line - Thanks

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