The MVHS 1966 50th Reunion Committee members would like to take time to show our appreciation for the long term communication conduit most of us have used for several years now. That connection pipeline was developed and has been provided by one of our 1968 MVHS graduating classmates Terry Sweeney. Terry started the web site project as an assignment while attending college classes. Since then the MoVal HS web site has steadily grown over the years, but most recently proved to be an extremely valuable tool this last year for our class of 1966.

Terry was kind enough to provide Administrator access level to one of our team members so we could use a variety of the site tools during our yearlong campaign. This access level allowed us behind the scenes control for building our own Survey Module back in July of 2015.  That polling Module process helped us receive the information we needed to plan the reunion with input from all of our classmates who responded back at that time. Additionally, this open site access gave us the ability to provide numerous broadcast emails to our classmates, post several reunion committee meeting updates, as well as complete our information gathering with yet another critical process the Reunion Event or Registration Module.  

Basically stated, our 50th Reunion Committee team could not have reached out to so many of our classmates and kept them so well informed if it was not for Terry’s willingness to share this very important media at the required higher management level we needed over this past year.

Terry, we realize that you most recently moved into your new home here in MoVal and we would like to present you with a gift from all of the 50th Reunion Committee Team members as an addition for your home.  We would also like to share our sincere appreciation with you for your kind support during this last year.

This framed photograph titled, “Autumn On Mill Creek”, is a fall scene from the Lundy Canyon area located in the eastern sierras of California. We sincerely hope it will be a pleasant reminder of this particular 2016 autumn evening here in early October with your many MVHS friends.