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08/29/10 03:18 PM #49    


Beth Seifert (Wiggins) (1980)

I looks like I get to be the first to post something about last night.  Wow what a night.  It all went by so quickly.  Already just based on the pictures on FB I see that I missed people.  It's amazing how some of us change so much and other's look the same only in a grown up version.

I hate to wait another 10 years.  We must get together more often especially those of us that are still local.

I am tired and kiddy so I am keeping this short.

Thanks to all the committee members and for Terry for making such a hugh effort to keep us all together.  Thanks to all the "honoray" viking spouses/friends for putting up with our crazyness in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

08/29/10 03:20 PM #50    


Beth Seifert (Wiggins) (1980)

I was sorry not to have a photo on my name tag but since I have not changed much I didn't think it mattered.  Here is a picture of my 10th grade to refresh your memory.

08/30/10 07:11 PM #51    

Evalinda Herrera (Mason) (1984)

CALLING ALL Moreno Valley Vikings & Friends With the decrease in funding and the high cost of printing we are asking for a donation of $20.00 to sponsor a page in the 2010-2011 Yearbook. Your name or business name will be printed at the bottom of the page. If you would prefer to purchase a larger advertising space those are also available. For information plz email me and I will get back to with any information You will need.  Thank you for all your help Evalinda Mason (

03/02/11 09:36 AM #52    

Dan Ellis (1971)


what a long strange trip it's been.


03/30/11 12:34 AM #53    


Claudia Glidewell (Wyatt) (1971)

I am sorry to say SUSIE PERISON-ZEEP she married Larry she passed away about 6 years ago ,Larry lives  with parents he was in a bad car accident.

10/08/12 03:47 AM #54    


Mark Brooks (1970)

Golly gee

no comments about the reunion?  kabummer...


mark brooks


01/21/15 03:46 AM #55    

Renee Rudeseal (Miranda) (1973)

Anyone know where Samuel Flores is? Class of 72. 

05/18/15 08:24 AM #56    


Tena Yatroussis (1972)


Thank you for being the who keeps it all together for the class of '72. The site is great and with more people writing and posting it moves my heart. Our son is graduating from high school in a couple weeks and I look back in a way I never did before. Thank you for making that possible.

Tena Yatroussis

05/18/15 11:30 AM #57    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

I started this as a personal website fo a college project and the it became a hobby and now it has taken on a life (LIVE'S) of it own thousands of people can now interact with each other nevelike they could before.. I have been told it's better than Facebook though it interacts with FaceBook... because it's more personal and your information is guarded.

So what I am saying it has been my honor and my privilage to do it...

05/19/15 06:13 AM #58    

Barbara Palmer (Pihl) (1972)

Tena, I agree with you, I look back on those days & appreciate them in a way I never had before & wish I had been more involved in earlier years! Terry does an excellent job! I don't think he can be told enough. Tena, I believe you were in my class '72, Barbara Pihl.

05/19/15 07:53 AM #59    


Novella Andrews (Arnold) (1968)

smileyHello Terry

You really are doing an awesome job keeping things/us together though I do not communicate often you are in the fore front of my thoughts. Thank you so much for ALL you do.



05/19/15 10:51 AM #60    


Tena Yatroussis (1972)

Yes, Barbara.

I'm in the class of '72. There are about a half a dozen people I keep in touch with. I've been to a couple of reunions. I think I would enjoy going to another one.


05/19/15 04:56 PM #61    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

Thanks Ladies it does mean a lot...

05/19/15 10:39 PM #62    


Steve Modrzejewski (1968)


You are the glue that binds our recollections.                           


05/20/15 05:41 AM #63    

Carol Gonter (Flogaus) (1970)

I agree, Steve! Thank you Terry. It means a lot to us that we are still connected to our high school and junior high school days through this website!

05/20/15 07:42 AM #64    

Carol Tootell (Todd) (1967)

Yes Terry, this is a fabulous website and I enjoy seeing my old classmates. I miss good old MoVal sometimes even though Oregon is heaven.  Thank you for all you do!  Carol

05/20/15 08:22 AM #65    


Tena Yatroussis (1972)

Terry, are our yearbook photos accessible online? My family moved away in my senior year so my last yearbook photo would have been in our junior year. I would like to add it to the photos in our profile. 

Thanks for the help.


05/20/15 12:28 PM #66    

Gene Knight (1971)

You've done just a super job Tony! Really superb! I've reached out to a couple guys I used to hang with that I found on facebook but they never got back to me and I see they haven't registered either. Too bad. I haven't seen anyone from MVHS since the night we graduated in 1971. Never did get to sleep that night. Did manage to party hardy though!! I left for basic training at 5:30am the very next morning (think I was kinda drunk). My parents and sisters were staying at a motel that night and just after I got on the plane, proceeded to drive to their new home in New York State. My father had just retired Air Force and had house sold and stuff moved and only waited for me to graduate, set foot on a plane and they were out a there! I never went back to Sunnymeade but moved from Maine to Key West on the East Coast after the service.Tried out lots of hats along the way.

Sorry to find out about Ron Freiberger's passing. He was a great guy and a neighbor of mine. Often think about Cali and wonder where everybody got off too and what it's like now. Sure don't miss working at the chicken ranch for $1.25 an hour though (or their hard boiled eggs and egg salad sandwiches for lunch)! Although I do miss paying 27cents a gallon for regular at the Circle K! Anybody heard from Johnny Steele?  

05/20/15 01:46 PM #67    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

Gene in response.... it's Terry not Tony... I think you might have known my sister Gina Sweeney... She married Johnny Steele and they lived in Colorado and had a son Josh. They divorced . Gina moved to Anderson Indiana where she passed from Breast Cancer... Josh and I are both on Face Book and look up Josh Steele... have him contact Johnny for a shout out... Come for a visit in Cali for old times and see for yourself how much the MoVal has grown.... Look on the left for past reunions and scrool down to the all 70's I came along and it was one heck of a party with all you younger guys...

05/20/15 03:54 PM #68    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

Tena, unfortunately i only hav mine

05/21/15 08:55 AM #69    

Gene Knight (1971)

So Sorry Terry! So sorry to hear of Gina's passing. Of course I knew her, a really sweet girl. Steele's and Sweeny's lived pretty much across the street from each other didn't you? I will reach out to Johnny, thanks! So sad to hear of all these people passing so young.... I know there is no possible way I would ever recognize the place after 40 years. Strip malls and car lots have squatted down in in the empty lots in most of the places I used to live in the past. I've passed over via google earth and found all the dirt tracks we used to ride motocross on full of houses and the raceway behind the school missing as well. I could remember hearing the time trials between classes and as we were sitting behind the pool smoking while Carlos was trying to catch us and chase us away on his golf cart. Always lots of stories to relate..... I think I'm gonna retire from teaching at the end of the school year next year and do a little travelling back to the west coast, and I will be back to see! While I'm here, anyone hear anything from the Prado boys, Joe and Gabe?

05/21/15 01:07 PM #70    


Terry Sweeney (1968)

ou might want to check with their sister Mary (Prado) Wright she is on the website and on FB

05/31/15 09:41 PM #71    


Jean Wyatt (Sullivan) (1966)


Hello Classmates of 1966, 


I was wondering if anyone has heard of plans for our 50 year reunion next year??

Thanks, a Jean Wyatt Sullivan

05/31/15 10:04 PM #72    


Terry Sweeney (1968)


Contact Paul Breitkreuz or Royce Goodwin... They are or will be working on it...




06/20/15 08:58 AM #73    

Johnny Steele (1971)

Gene,  Good to hear from you dude!

Terry,  Nice website!  Thanks for turning me on to it,  thanks for turning me on in the 60s and thanks for not divorcing me like your sister did;>)

Hope to see you both sometime.

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