Lest We Forget

Mrs. Mary Carrierer looks on to see her sons name,

Lcpl. Jason A Tetrault, USMC who died in Iraq, 9 July 2003. 

Jason graduated with the class of 2001

Today, May 30th was the presentation of the Veteran’s Memorial from the class of 2014. The weather was exceptionally warm and the students came out endured the heat to support the presentation. Several alumni showed up and were there with their high school spirit and were also enduring the heat during the presentation. A presentation honoring all the veterans who served by a center most plaque with the branch insignia that they served with, but also those in our classes who gave there, as Lincoln once said, "Their finest and last full measure for their country." I would like to say, I am proud that the list is short but I know all services served and continued to serve to preserve our way of life and the freedom's we have. Again I salute all of you, and I am proud to call you my classmate and my friend.


Cpl.  Marvin R. Miller, class of 1968,

US Army 27 June 1969, Vietnam

Cpl.  Michael P. Damon, class of 1968,

US Army 17 February 1971, Vietnam

Pvt. Adrienne L. Mitchell, class of 1988,

US Army, 25 February 1991, Iraq

L.Cpl.  Jason A Tetrault, class of 2001,

US Marine Corps, 9 July 2003, Iraq

Cpl. William D. Richardson, class of 2000,

US Army, 3 April 2005, Iraq


They were more than Vikings, classmates, they were also my friends, your friends, so "Lest we Forget!"






Panel 05W - Line 113 

 CPL - E4 - 25th Infantry Division,

His tour began on Nov 23, 1970.

Casualty was on Feb 17, 1971
In BIEN HOA, SOUTH VIETNAM. HOSTILE, Ground Casulty Other Explosive Device

Body was recovered



KIA - Vietnam (1968)


Marvin Miller '68 & Michael Damon '68 

They are just two of the 50,000 +

names that are on the Wall

 Someone spent a lot of time on this and it is truly remarkable..  ......... .Please pass this on to any of your fellow vets.

VET's, especially Viet Nam era Veterans. Someone sent me the link below which is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Viet Nam war with the names, bio's and other information on our lost comrades. It is a very interesting link, and those who served in that time frame and lost friends or family can look them up on this site. Pass it on to other veterans who you think would like this.

 First,click on a state.......then when it opens ..........a name.......then it should show you a picture of the person or at least his bio and




RFTW Corydon IN – Frankfurt KY 2010

RFTW Hurricane, WV - Rainelle WV 2010

RFTW Rainelle WV 2010


RFTW Washington DC

National Mall Tour 2010 Part A

RFTW Washington DC

National Mall Tour 2010 Part B


2010 Thunder Run Washington DC Pt 1


Run for the Wall FNGs



Thunder 2010 - A Soldier's Vigil



Thunder 2010 (in HD)


He was more than a Wood Shop Teacher or an Admisnitrator he was Our Friend!


 Carlos Mendiola, (Mr. “M”)

12 March  1927 - 14 April 2009