Christy Taylor Taylor

Profile Updated: March 30, 2020
Where else have you lived? 1981
Still have family around Bellevue? Roswell, GA USA
What did you do right after high school? Went to ETSU then MTSU
Current Occupation Property Manager
Married? To whom? When? How long? Married to Ty Taylor for almost 30 years
Kids? Grand kids? 2 kids, Alec (27) and Rachel (21) (Daughter in Law to be- Rachel Zipperer (25)- wedding in January More…2021.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Travel much? The furthest you have traveled?

Not a big traveler. Prefer to stay a little closer to home and family.

What are your memories of Bellevue High?

Great Friends! Getting the spirit Ribbons for each football game; cheering along with the cheerleaders in the stands, performing at halftime and in Band contests, quick trips to check the hair during 10 minute break. Crowded basketball games, dances in the common area after games. Homecoming floats. watching upperclassmen graduate at the War Memorial. the trampoline unit in gym class.

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