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Is it over yet? What plans for a post-covid life other than family/friends are you looking forward to enjoying?

  Enjoying parks and beaches
  Restaurant meals
  Travel plans
  Enjoying concerts and shows again
  Salons and spas


•   William Rechter  8/2
•   Leonard Rocha  8/2
•   Linda Cory (Medeiros)  8/5
•   Arlene Costa (Brum)  8/5
•   Raymond Veary  8/6
•   John Pope  8/7
•   Joseph Ribeiro  8/8
•   Carol Eccleston (Taber)  8/9
•   Alice Paleczka (Gadomski)  8/9
•   Frances Paleczka (Monteiro)  8/9
•   Brenda Bryden (Bergeron)  8/10
•   Barry Lewis  8/10
•   Irene Machado (Casey)  8/15
•   Martin Bloomberg  8/16
•   Judith Pedro (Jardin)  8/16
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•   Stanley Levine  7/25
•   Wendell Frost  7/10
•   Antone Ponte  6/24
•   Eileen Soucy (Caron)  6/1
•   Janice Mellen (Ord)  4/8
•   Jack (John) Nunes  3/4
•   Raymond Ferreira  3/3
•   Richard Gammons  2/22
•   Peter Vercellone  2/14
•   Carl Weinstein  2/5
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 50.9%

A:   343   Joined
B:   331   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)



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•   Kenneth George Monteiro  2021
•   Janet Hebert (Almeida)  2018
•   Doris Jabotte (Riggin)  2021
•   David Mendoza  2020
•   Louise Rose (Mendoza)  2020
•   Marjorie Walens  1966
•   Jacqueline Richard (Rebello)  1989
•   Karen Nielsen  1980
•   Patricia Pavlock (Charett)  1995
•   Robert Mulroy  1996
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To my NBHS'65 classmates
June 17, 1965
Fifty- six years ago today we graduated from

New Bedford High School.
 I can still visualize our walk down the hill to the

Olympia Theater.
So glad so many of us have reconnected.

Haven't been on this site for ages. Hoping all are healthy and living the life of Riley. We have been permanently in Fort Myers for 5 years now. Other than Covid, life is good. Of course, with aging comes the medical issues but dealing. Looking forward to visiting New Bedford in Sept (Florida weather permitting) to see fam and friends. Hoping the dreaded mask requirement does not return, don't think I can go through that again. Peace and love, Judy



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Kieth Junior High School photos?

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        Roosevelt Junior High School classmates photo.