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03/01/13 04:30 PM #1    


Michele McCray (Meehan)

Welcome to the Tecumseh High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/19/13 11:22 PM #2    


Roger Fox

Hello class of 88. I really wish I could make it to the reunion. But I have a big race that weekend and family driving out for it. Hope everyone has a good time and hopefully I can come to the next one.
Roger Fox

06/25/13 03:18 PM #3    


Michele McCray (Meehan)

Hi Roger, sorry to hear you can't make it, but  good luck at your race!

Take care,

Michele (McCray) Meehan

08/13/13 06:39 PM #4    

Mike Brown

Are there pictures from the reunion? (Preferably ones we can see without a Facebook account?)

08/26/13 10:37 PM #5    

Jaime Errett

Hello classmates!! I am very excited to be viewing this site! Thanks to those responsible, I appreciate all your hard work! I would love to hear from any other 1988 grads! So sorry I didn't know about the reunion, I would've loved  to have been there!

09/24/13 11:15 AM #6    


Michele McCray (Meehan)

Hi Mike, we are working on the photo gallery now. We will send out a notification to everyone registered when they are posted. Thanks!


Welcome Jaime! Hope to see you at the 30th!


02/25/14 02:16 AM #7    

Mike Brown

Well, no one seems to care about this site anymore, but if any of ya are still out there, why not say something you fondly remember about high school? Maybe there was a moment with a friend that changed you, a class you took, or a teacher you had that made a big difference in your life...or maybe something you miss about being a teenager at Tecumseh... or how about a teacher or classmate that made a bad first impression and then won you over? Or just some random memory that you feel like sharing...

Here's one little story: The first week of school, in 10th Grade, Ken Hackworth and I noticed that our biology teacher, Mr. Martin, had a habit of saying "and things like that" in his lectures. We started keeping track of how many times he said it. At some point in the second semester, Mr. Martin noticed that we kept smiling and nodding at each other and marking something in our notebooks, and he quickly figured out what our little in-joke was about. Then he'd catch himself sometimes and change what he was saying in order to thwart our tally. Regardless, at the end of the year, we gave him a "certificate" congratulating him on saying "and things like that" something like 750 times. To us, it was just something for laughs, and we figured the award would end up in the trash as soon as we were gone. He did get a big kick out of it when we presented it to him, but then before we could leave, he got a little bit emotional and spoke to us in a much less "teacher-y" tone of voice than usual, more like we were on the same level. With a tear in his eye, he told us that it really meant a lot to him to get something like that, to know that his students really cared. He said he keeps whatever his students give him, and it made him feel good about being a teacher... and things like that.

02/25/14 07:18 AM #8    


Kelly Smith (Dowdy)

That is an awesome story. I do not remember a lot about high school for some reason. Bits and pieces here and there and sometimes I remember something if I hear a story but thats about sad. Do you still talk to Kenny Hackworth?? Would love to tell him hi!! 



02/25/14 04:02 PM #9    


Michele McCray (Meehan)

Mike -- that's a great story! Funny you popped up on the site today. Our pictures just went up and I told you I would let you know when they did. So -- here I am letting you know! Sorry it took so long, but go take a look. :)

Thanks for checking in on the site again. Will be a great place to keep everyone in contact.

One of my favorite high school memories was doing the play, Auntie Mame, our senior year. I had never done anything like that before and it was way out of my comfort zone. I met some really great people which made it such a fun experience.

I also loved being on the newspaper staff. Mrs. Wenzlaff was always willing to give us a Press Pass. Basically that meant we could roam the halls whenever we wanted. We even got to leave school to drive to Tipp City and pick up The Arrowhead from the printers. Loved those Press Passes.

07/05/18 10:51 PM #10    

Ken Hackworth

Some of my THS memories...

The quarter super glued to the floor, our principal Mr. Pancake (immature kids couldn’t have asked for a funnier name).  I remember a chemistry beaker glued to a lab table.... no harm intended.

Didn’t we take Ronald McDonald to school?  Shredded paper in the school yard...  2-3 fun rock bands.  Tim Drews was awesome on drums (better than me, I can admit it now). 

Caring teachers (that must have had a lot of patience with us).  Good friends, and good times!!!

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