Aside from all the activities, summers at camp meant MUSIC! Listening to CKLW, the AM radio station, and teaching each other new dances. Don't know about the "later" years, but all we had in the 60s was the radio!

Strolling down Memory Lane, here are lists of the top songs of summer from 1955–80. See below for playlists from these years, which you can listen to both when on and off this site — just click "Pop-out Player"!

The other big music at camp was singing! Below are 2 Wingfoot songbooks—one contains Wingfoot songs including clan and chip/su ditties; the other is popular music of the day.

Camp Wingfoot songs (.pdf document)

Wingfoot era songs (.pdf document)

Summer 1955–62 (.pdf document)

Summer 1963 (.pdf document)

Summer 1964 (.pdf document)

Summer 1965 (.pdf document)

Summer 1966 (.pdf document)

Summer 1967 (.pdf document)

Summer 1968 (.pdf document)

Summer 1969 (.pdf document)

Summer 1970 (.pdf document)

Summer 1971–80 (.pdf document)

Summer all-time (.pdf document)

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