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09/11/11 07:06 PM #3    

Tizzy Wallens (Schechter) (1974)


Thank you soooooooo much for doing all this work!  It is wonderful!  I am going to scan my yearbook pictures... and create an album soon.  My friend is also helping me create a DVD for the reunion with pictures and music.  I have pictures from 67-76 +.  If anyone has older ones or more recent, feel free to send them to me!  Thanks tons, Ellen!  Tizzy

09/12/11 07:08 AM #4    

Micky Sussel (Goss) (1974)

Ellen, Thank you so much for all your hard work.  The website is amazing!

09/12/11 05:25 PM #5    

Jayne Nyman (1971)

This is just fantastic - thanks for all the work.  I will scan some of my yearbooks soon.

09/19/11 08:09 PM #6    

Nancy Klopper (1970)

Ellen- I am simply blown away by the job you have done.  It's just amazing.  Will post my yearbook from 1967 soon!

12/16/11 04:59 AM #7    

Martha Heil (Orr) (1963)

Ellen, you're taking me to places "where no woman has gone before...", at least I sure haven't. This website is amazing. Can we add Leslie Rosenblum,  Paula Kaplan, Noreen Galitin, Susie Shapiro, Suzie Sacks, Paula Steinberg, Inez Arenstough (sp?) to our missing link? Thanks sooooo much!

03/10/12 08:15 AM #8    

Robin Bloom (Friedman) (1979)

Hi Ellen. I just wanted to tell you that I put all the pictures that I had from the 2 reunions and my visit this summer into the Gallery. I didn't know how to put my own gallery so they are in under yours but with a Robin Friedman pictures/grouping. If you still need discs let me know. Thanks. Robin

03/20/12 10:23 PM #9    

Ellen Ehrenreich (Barker) (1967)

Robin and Cherie,

I created your own galleries.


05/04/12 07:54 AM #10    

Jill Whitman (1974)



I am not good at transferring pictures from a yearbook or taking pictures and scanning them into a computter if there is someone out there that can help me or any thing please let me know I was in the class of  1974 and I have a ton of wonderul picuteres inluding me currently wearing my Wingfoot jacket that I wore back during the class of 1974! I would love to put my pictures out on this fantastic website that you developed!! If I can not get any help when ever I can corner my brother I will have him do it for me! I am not good with computers at all!

I have all of my letters that I wrote home during my 8 yrs as a camper and evey letter the counslers wrote home boy do I remember those days!

I would love to be able to help share some of my wonderful memories!!!

This is a Fantastic WEBSITE




05/21/12 07:50 PM #11    

Tizzy Wallens (Schechter) (1974)

That was an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!  Loved spending it with everyone!

08/31/12 08:33 PM #12    

Barbara Milter

Ellen and Barb,

This was my first time visiting the website. It totally blew me away. Kudos to both of you for creating the site, and slide show. It brought back so many warm memories. I only wish that I had grabbed my 'yearbooks' when my parents moved in the late 1970's and my mom tossed the books. I was living in Cincinnati at the time, and forgot to remind her to hold on to the books for me. But looking at this, as I have already said, brought back lots of good memories, that I will always hold close to my heart.

Be well,

Barb Milter



08/31/12 09:06 PM #13    

Cathy Diamond (1975)

The slideshow, with the tearjerking music - ah - the braided girls that were and are still us. Thank you Barb.

Cathy Diamond

09/04/12 10:41 AM #14    

Sara Wallens (Schultz) (1969)

Just got a chance to watch the whole video that Barb put together. I am so moved and in awe of this gorgeous expression of the joy and friendship that we felt and still feel when it comes to Wingfoot. Many blessings to Barb and anyone who contributed to this. Thanks and love,

Sara Wallens Schultz

10/02/14 01:02 PM #15    

Diane Chapin (Kaufman) (1961)

Just want to inform you that my fabulous friend Ellen Bernstein (Godolphin) passed away last year.  She was trying to find Mimi Becker- does anyone have any info about her? Also Paula Kaplan.

10/03/14 11:05 AM #16    

Ellen Ehrenreich (Barker) (1967)


Thank you for joining and letting us know about Ellen Bernstein's passing. So very sorry. Mimi Becker is on this site and on LinkedIn, so you can reach her at either. I don't have any information about Paula Kaplan.

10/03/14 11:36 AM #17    

Jayne Shister (1965)

Diane, I am sorry to hear about Ellen.  I hope you are well.  I'm still in Chevy Chase.


Jayne Shister

10/05/14 12:45 PM #18    

Laurie Cowan (Phillips) (1966)

Diane,  Sorry to hear about Ellen. I remember her well from Wingfoot days. Those friendships were the strongest. 

Lshana tova to you and your family. Not sure where you all live since the Buffalo diaspora. I am in Naples Florida after 40 years in Boston.  Wendy is also in Naples and Michael is in LA.

Laurie Cowan



06/07/15 06:56 AM #19    

Judy Kravitz (Zodda) (1963)

Hi Ellen,


I am in Elba, Italy, met a woman from Pittsburgh & in less than 2 minutes, figured out that we

had both gone to Wingfoot at the same time. She is from Pittsburgh,

Sarah Rosen. She is 4 years younger than us & she remembers Marty Heil.

How do I post this on our FB page?


06/07/15 01:25 PM #20    

Ellen Ehrenreich (Barker) (1967)


Any member of the Wingfoot FB group can post on the page. So you can put it here. Let me know if you can't figure it out and I can post it for you.


06/10/15 09:11 AM #21    

Wendy Cowan (Wald) (1960)

I love hearing "It's a Small World" stories. Keep them coming! 

06/17/15 12:38 PM #22    

Marcy Weston

Hello, 1966-1972 Wingfoot Staff

I have been a very passive participant on the Wingfoot website that Ellen took an incrdible number of hours to establish for us.  I will check in more often now that I'm retired .

Not sure what I'll be doing with the majority of my time, but, isn't that the point of retirement?

Take care, my friends.  I'll be reading the message board every few weeks.

Marcy Weston

06/18/15 06:11 AM #23    

Paula Weisman (Jones) (1967)

So great to hear from you Marcy.  I think you may be the first staff member to join in.  Sounds like you are doing well.  Happy retirement.

06/29/15 12:25 PM #24    

Sara Swicegood

Hello to all Wingfooters from 1966-1972


I just ready Marcy's response and I agree. Ellen, you did a fantastic job getting this together. I too have retired and am loving it. Playing lots of golf and wishing I could play every day! It is so great to remember all the great times at WIngfoot. It was a very special time in my life. I would love to hear from any campers or staff that share memories with me.

Wingfooters are a special group of ladies.


Sara Swicegood

06/30/15 05:56 AM #25    

Marcy Weston

Great to reconnect, Sara, with you and other Wingfooters. 

Since I was never able to attend camp as a child, the experience

as an adult was critical for me. My days as a counselor, to

working with Jan Dale & Smiddie on programming, made me a

better teacher & coach during the year!

Thank you to Carol Heil, counsellors & campers! The Wingfoot

Family and those memories have positively impacted every

phase of my life!

Love you, still. 

Marcy (1966-72)



07/01/15 04:20 PM #26    

Wendy Haas (Patterson) (1970)

Hi Campers!  I was so excited to see posts from Marcy and Sara recently.  Both were my close friends for

all those summers at WIngfoot.  Wingfoot had a very important influence on my life, in every aspect.

I have only a few pictures, but my memories are wonderfully vivid.  Since my camp days, I have

always enjoyed working with children.  As an empty nester, I have re-discovered horseback riding

(English, of course) and am the proud Mommy of a quarter-horse, Petie. Petie and I jump and show

locally here in Florida. I remember my Boots and Saddles Days as I tack up my horse and work on

my equitation.  I have also discovered my artistic side.... even though I have ALWAYS loved "arts and crafts..."

My main focus is animal portraits: cats, dogs and...... horses.....  It's a passion. 

Every summer, I go to "Camp Wendy."  We have only one camper (me),  but the activities are much like they

were back at Wingfoot..... including REST period!!   I miss you all.... please stay in touch.

Wendy Haas Patterson

07/02/15 12:48 PM #27    

Michelle Lubin (Terris) (1977)

Hi Wendy,

Just curious, where do you live in Florida? I'm in Weston. Nice to hear about you! So exciting to hear that you're riding again!

Warmest Regards,


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