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Ellen Ehrenreich
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Ellen Ehrenreich


Ellen Ehrenreich


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Seattle, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Escaped
Occupation: admin of an engineering research center, U of WA
Children: 2007: Fanny and Flora (sister kitties); Sweet Fanny left us 5/16
Starhouse Year: 1967
College(s) / Degree(s):

SUNY-Buffalo, B.A. English, 1974
U. of Michigan, masters in Library Science, 1975

Origin City:

Buffalo, NY

Where else have you lived?

Ann Arbor, MI (1974-75); Ithaca, NY (1976-82); Washington, DC (1982-89); Seattle, WA (1989-present)

Year(s) / Date(s) you attended as a camper:


Starhouse Year (member entered):


Year(s) you attended as a counselor (incl. JCs):


Camp Nickname:

didn't have one but wish I had

Cabins you were in:

Cottage, 1961
Clearing, 1962
Hub, 1963
Roughhouse, 1964
Hideaway, 1965
Corral, 1966
Starhouse, 1967
Hideaway, 1968 -- JC, tennis
Hideaway, 1969 -- JC, tennis
Starhouse, 1970 -- Counselor, tennis


Molokai (but wanted to be Oahu like my sisters)

Favorite Counselor(s):

Paula Steinberg, JC in Cottage

Favorite Camp Story(s) or Memory(s):

Starhouse year 1967: playing hours of tennis with Gay-Gay (Shister) and counselor Lucky on the upper courts. Afterwards, Lucky rewarded us with Cokes (something never done without a good reason)!

Also loved rainy day activities; learning new dances from Cleveland, Columbus & Pittsburgh kids; Roosevelt dances; and campfires. Even white bread tasted good when cooked over the fire!

Least favorite memory(s):

River Grove overnights: shlepping those heavy wooden canoes to that scummy brown Grand River with snakes; trying to roll up the dew-filled COTTON sleeping bags that became like lead when wet; having to pee against trees while trying not to pish on your friend's hand holding the flashlight. Part of the trips included hikes (a.k.a, "death marches") in the blazing heat, shvitzing, with the water growing hot in our plastic canteens. The reward at the end? Twinkies from the general store!

As a counselor, disliked writing weekly letters to parents, and night patrol -- not because of the campers' antics -- but the walking to and from Hillside in the dark.

What, if ever, did you get in trouble for? (Keep it short!)

Not me personally (altho despite rumors, I was NOT a total goodie-goodie). We got in trouble in Corral when we were using one of those coil water-boilers to make soup. The boiling water spilled on Shelly Pearl's leg, causing a bad burn. We told the counselors she was hurt by a rolling, burning log. I'm sure not funny to those who weren't there, but I still wet my pants thinking about it... Not fun for Shelly at the time, but we still laugh.

Current Hobbies/ Interests:

Dancing, movies (all the arts), jewelry-making, kitty-cuddling, sleeping

What did you always want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Original answer:
Go to Italy, but plan to do that in 2012, the year of my 60th b-day

Updated answer:
Went to Italy the next year, 2013, 25th anniversary, on a group tour by myself. But the trip was fabulous. I even went on to Venice on my own for 4 days. Spoke enough Italian. Very proud.

Have you done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

talk to myself; play Facebook games

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Original answer:
I married a man who looks like my favorite director (but cuter!): Francis Ford Coppola.

Revised answer:
He turned into Sollozzo from The Godfather.

Are you on Facebook?


If yes, do you want to add more friends?

not likely, but don't take it personally! (too many friends)

Anything else?

My 10 years at Wingfoot were irreplaceable...

People on the West Coast think that sending their kids away for 2 months is child abuse - oy!

I hope everyone likes this website.

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Hi Shelly! I hang with your Cole cousins in the Seattle area. Carol has a new grandson named Sonny!

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Hi Nanci, so glad you joined! We were bunkies in Starhouse.

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