Bobbie Fildes King

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Palm Coast, FL USA
How did you meet your Spouse or Partner? And yes, tell us your story! We *want* to know! I met my husband at a party that my roommate held.
Do you have a Business, Hobby, or Personal Website? We would be proud to support our Alumni friends!
What is your Occupation? We all would like to know someone we could trust in your profession! Build your business right here! Tell us about yourself! We publish books, all genres and formats.
Children! There's no greater privilege than raising and training the next generation. Tell us about your wonderful family. Theresa 1981, Robert 1986, Ivy 1995, Nicholas 1996, Alexandra 1999, & Veronica 2005. Yes, this occurred More…after the last reunion :)
So my range is from 6 to 30.
Class Year: 1979
Yes! Attending Reunion
What do you do for a living today, or what keeps you busy, occupies your time?

Didn't my answer to the question about children also answer this one? Just to prove that I have more than one interest in life though, I do have two other vocational pursuits. I manage my own company Bunker Gear Leasing, and I help my husband operate our publishing company ClearView Press Inc.

Since high school I have worked in many different trades. I've hung sheet rock (drywall), sold life & health insurance, processed claims for BCBS, managed a drive-thru liquor store, was a newspaper carrier, and now run two businesses listed in the above paragraph.

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Attending Beach Reunion 2012 (06/08/12)


Attending Beach Reunion 2012 (06/09/12)


What are some of the more "unique" places you have visited?

Tangiers Morroco
Looking Glass Rock NC

Where all have you lived since you graduated?

Cary NC
Raleigh NC
Jacksonville FL
Boston MA
Orange Park FL
Brunswick GA
Raleigh NC
Louisburg NC
Crescent City FL
Palm Coast FL

What kind of jobs have you had since high school? (Include volunteer work.)

For Pay
All types of restaurants
Insurance companies
Drywall Construction
Liquor Store Management
Entrepreneurial Adventures
For Fun/Free
"Backyard" mechanic
"Backyard" IT professional

How many times have you been married?

My husband and I both married for the 3rd time.

How many times have you been a widow/er or divorced? Or better yet, are you single now?

I've been happily married for over 20 years.

Who were your favorite teachers and/or faculty members from OPHS?

Jolan K Smith

Would you be interested in a more frequent reunion interval than five years?


Have you read a book that has inspired you?

Jack Canfield's Success Principles

How did you learn the skills to succeed? Did you continue your formal education after high school? Or attend a trade school? Technical School?

I learned mostly from not being afraid to try something new. How else would I end up hanging drywall? I was one semester away from a two year degree @ FCCJ when I married my current husband. Since then my attitude has been, "why pay to learn something I can teach myself"?

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Bobbie Fildes King has a birthday today.
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Bobbie Fildes King has a birthday today.
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Bobbie Fildes King has a birthday today.
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Bobbie Fildes King has a birthday today.
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