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Our gift to PHS will be outdoor tables and seats for the student seating area in front of the school. Cost of per set is $700. Please feel free to contribute any amount.


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•   Randall Hogan  3/5
•   Lolan Ellis  2/6
•   Eileene Trout (Moss)  2/5
•   Travis Winegeart  2/5
•   Bruce HySmith (HySmith)  11/11
•   Wayne Hill  11/1
•   Myrna Shubring (Biggers)  10/24
•   Frankie Steadman  9/20
•   Berry Craig  9/4
•   Marieke Lang (Kreps)  7/18
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2 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
5 live in California
9 live in Colorado
4 live in Florida
2 live in Idaho
2 live in Kansas
2 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
1 lives in Missouri
3 live in Nevada
3 live in New Mexico
8 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
2 live in Tennessee
107 live in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Sweden
158 location unknown


•   Carroll Thomas  3/25
•   Donald Dean Thompson  3/25
•   Monte Brogdin  3/31
•   Lynn Heller  4/2
•   James (Danny) Laramore  4/2
•   Wayne Hill  4/7
•   Donna Garrison (Sweet)  4/8
•   Patricia Ramsey (Tarvin)  4/11
•   Riina Lagus (Hultquist)  4/17
•   Michael Wise  4/18
•   William Mann (Mann)  4/19
•   Paula Zinn (Hunter)  4/19


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Calling All Classmates ... Share Your News!

Whether updating others on personal news or sharing a memory with longtime friends, that’s the beauty of this website, as Classmate Doug Altom, who now lives in Wimberley, Texas, recently explained:

High School may be the most common, shared experience of Americans.  Those Freshmen through Senior years cast a profound spell.  For many, it was a long run and was lovely, enjoyed for its ups and downs and highs and lows.  For others, it was a sprint that was endured.  It would have been easier on everyone if not for the insecurities and hormones raging in the teenage body. 

Probably the most often asked question by two strangers at a random social gathering is “where did you grow up?” or “where did you go to high school?”.  Sometimes, if there is a sense of a connection made in that dialogue between two people whose backgrounds may vary drastically, the subsequent question may be “what was that like?”.

It's been said among our classmates and other graduates of PHS: “If you were there, you can’t explain it” …. ”if you weren’t there you won’t understand it”.  It’s not meant to be smug or elite.  It is simply the recognition that you can tell from dialogue with others, both Pampa and non-Pampa, it was clearly unique.  For many, and in ways not realized for several years after graduation, it was transformational. 

So special was the time at Pampa High School that a classmate built this website for the sole purpose of allowing class members to connect through this class-only platform.  To be sure, there are plenty of outlets for social, political and cultural banter and discourse; this site has a different purpose. 

It is hoped that you will render birthday wishes when they trigger or just go to the classmates list and click on someone to contact that you have had on your mind.  You might have a great recipe to share.  There is nothing better than updated information so that classmates may know where you have landed most recently and what you are doing. 

It is here for your use and consumption, and it is hoped that you will use it in ways that you find meaningful and constructive.  As these years run together and very fast, may you find a place of “feel good” in reflecting on that unique and almost inexplicable experience that was Pampa High School.