Class Marriages

1973 Class Marriages

Here are the class couples that have sent photos

and some highlights of their lives to share:

Linda Gaydos and Steve Seminatore

Cindy Beamish and Mark Kozak

Doreen Roginski and Kirk Butler

Barb Adams and Bob Gubanich

Susan Sekerak and Keith Rericha

Regina Sacha and Ed Ujczo

Linda Gaydos and Steve Seminatore

By Linda Gaydos

At Hillside Jr. High, we knew each other but not well.  Then, in 10th grade, we met at a party and fell in love! From then on, we haven't been apart. 

We've had this license plate for over 25 years!

After graduating from Normandy, Jeanne Kranek and I opened a Hair Salon in Parma. Steve pursued a career in auto mechanics. 

We were married on July 4th, 1975, and lived in Parma for several years, until 1980 when we moved to Florida for a few years. Our 1st child was born in Florida, and that's when we decided to move back home to be with family. We had 3 more children, 2 boys and 2 girls who eventually gave us 5 adorable Grandchildren.

Years later after owning the Salon in Parma, I bought a hair salon in Brunswick. Steve went on to start a career in Automotive Management and was Service Director at several Chevrolet Dealerships. He retired in 2020 after 46yrs. 

We have lived in Brunswick for 40 years.

This year we celebrated our 48th Wedding Anniversary and our 53rd Date-A-Versary. We love to travel and have been on many cruises in the Mediterranean and an Alaskan Cruise.

We have a place in Marblehead, Ohio where we spend a lot of time by the Lake. We also have a motorhome that we love taking on our road trips.

We are now just enjoying our life of leisure with our family and most importantly, with each other!



Cindy Beamish and Mark Kozak
By Cindy Beamish

I met Mark Kozak at Hillside Junior High in 9th grade. We became friends but did not date until our junior year when I needed a date for the Foreign Language Valentine’s Day Dance. What better person to ask to the dance, than someone who had a broken foot from basketball and needed someone to carry his books? Me, being someone who always was looking to get out of class early, I mean help others… asked him to the dance. So, I asked him to go on our first date. He wasn’t aware that I was up for the queen, therefore, we had to share our first dance (his first dance with a girl) to the theme of “Romeo and Juliet.” Our second date consisted of Mark driving us to the circus with Russ Schneider and Tina Stevens (I think). Little did I know Mark only had his temporary driving license.

After that date, he asked me to the junior prom. I remember doubling with Tim Kraig and Vera Plazinic. They were not getting along, thanks to Tim (Need I say more Mr. Kraig- I can say that because Tim ended up being our best man at our wedding).

The summer before our senior year, I was working at Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen was the best job ever because you were able to see all your friends. It was during football two-a-days when Mark showed up at my window at DairyQueen! He had transformed into the cutest guy in the world! Mark had shaved his head (like all the football players did thanks to Coach Armour), was now wearing contacts, grew at least 3 inches taller, and had the widest shoulders ever! Mark was now the hottest guy at Normandy. Okay, maybe just to me and Sandy Dryja.

After high school, Mark had his football scholarship to Kansas State and I attended Ohio State. That Christmas during our freshman year, we realized we were going to be together. That summer he asked me to marry him on my 19th birthday. Mark was only 18 at the time. Little did I know, my mother had filled out paperwork for me to transfer to Kansas State because my family adored Mark.


We were married the summer before our senior year. Our honeymoon was just as you expected from a college football player. We rented a houseboat on a lake that did not sell liquor, visited the Budweiser Plant and the coveted Football Hall of Fame. and showed up at KSU for two-a-days. And we could not have been happier. We were the first to be married and the first to have kids among our friends. We had two daughters, Lindsey and Amanda. Every birthday I had, he would tell the girls to ask me how old I was, and then he would say “Mom robbed the cradle.” Two weeks older and he couldn’t let it go.

Mark was an excellent father and an all-around good guy. We were the perfect family, with a house in the country, two children, and a sheepdog. Many times during traveling, people would confuse him with famous people including Christopher Reeve, Steven Seagal, Jim Kelly, and even Bruce Jenner. He had one of those faces. We were married for 37 years, when at the age of 57, Mark suddenly passed away. This broke many people’s hearts. Mark was loved by so many people. To this day, I have not remarried and there isn’t a day that goes by that something doesn’t remind me of my wonderful husband, Mark Kozak.

 heart heart



Doreen Roginski and Kirk Butler
By Doreen Roginski

Although we attended Normandy at the same time, we did not meet there since Kirk was in Vocational Welding and I was in Secretarial.  We actually worked together at Stancato's restaurant and started dating in 1972.  


We married in September 1974 and lived in Parma.  We had our daughter Vanessa in 1979 and our son Vince in 1982.  We then lived on Rockside Road in Seven Hills for over 40 years.  Both of our children are Normandy High School graduates.

We love to travel, go boating, and spend time with our four grandchildren.  Life has been great.


Kirk retired after 43 years in the Steel industry.  I have been a Florist for many years.  We downsized and moved to Avon Lake three years ago.  Living on the Lake is wonderful!

We are both so thankful for family, friends, and all the opportunities and adventures that life has bestowed on us!



Barb Adams and Bob Gubanich
By Barb Adams

Our story began in 8th Grade at Shiloh Jr. High.  We attended both the Jr '72 and Sr '73 proms at Normandy. We have been married for 45 years and together for 53!  

   This is our wedding photo from 1977.      Here's one of our favorite bike trips!


We were married May 28, 1977 after I graduated from Nursing school.  We have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.  We loved riding our Harley for 4 decades and have traveled thousands of miles.  After retiring from Ford, Bob opened FatBob Pizza in Brunswick [our Harley-themed pizza shop].  We are now totally retired and life is good.

          One of our more recent photos together, and with our two sons.



Susan Sekerak and Keith Rericha
By Susan Sekerak-Rericha

It all began in 1971 when we met outside of homeroom one day.  We went to Junior Prom together in 1972.  My Mom made my dress.  We also went to our Senior Prom together in 1973.

Here we are at Normandy’s Junior and Senior Proms.  

We were married on April 23, 1977, at the “ripe” old ages of 21 and 22, and lived in Parma, Ohio.  However, we moved to Munson Township, located in Geauga County, OH to raise our 3 awesome sons.

Here's our wedding photo and a picture of our family just a little while after our third son was born.

We do love to travel!  Years ago I was so fortunate to have Keith and the boys visit and meet our family in the tiny little mountain village in the Republic of Slovakia where my father was born. 

Our family today has 5 adored grandchildren - including one more precious grandson since this picture was taken. We also have 5 Golden Retriever grand-puppies and 5 cats between all of us!




Regina Sacha and Ed Ujczo (Both 1973 Grads)

Regina Sacha and Ed Ujczo are two '73 Normandy Grads that knew each other in high school but never really dated.  However, after almost a decade of additional schooling and other distractions, they fell in love and were married on June 11, 1983. 

Regina and Ed are still happily together almost 39 years later!  

                   They have reflected on their lives together, saying "Time has flown.  No children but lots of animals over the years - currently 4 horses and 3 dogs occupy our lives!"