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Early Early INROADS




Bob Smith's Pictures

Did you see yourself?



The First Ten Years

Jordana Harrington, Robin Sheard, Vera Hefflin, Richard Lightfoot, and Tyrone Tucker on the bus to the National Training Institute


Danny Buchanan, Mary Jones, and Richard Lightfoot on the bus to the National Training Institute


Arthur Woods and Linda Toliver celebrating

On the bus with Tyrone Tucker, Dianne Dixon, Archie Kimbrough, and Mary Jones


Danny Buchanan, Vera Hefflin, Mark Twyman, and Linda Toliver



Robin Anderson decide to read a book on the bus



On the bus with Elizabeth Walton and Arthur Woods



Kevin Ford and Gwen Duke heading for the dance floor



Jane Mosley is being asked to dance or is it a proposal?



Richard Lightfoot and Gwen Duke on the dance floor



Vera Hefflin and Arthur Woods showing off!



Richard Lightfoot and Vera Hefflin checking everything out!



Carole and Janet Mosley doing their thing



Cheryl Laley and Tyrone Tucker doing their thing?


Mort and Alene Harris trying to do some moves!


Jeff Allen cooling it with a glass of coke


Bob Smith playing the sounds while Carole socializes


Tyone Tucker putting down some moves with Cheryl