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Reunion Dinner 2011


 Art Sheffield, Sean Ryan and guest


Cassandra Sanders (INROADS Regional Director) and Mark Twyman


 Shedrick Saunders and Edwin Montgomery


Dick Thornton, his sister and Morton Stanfield


Sara Corprew (INROADS Manager) and Eileen Lamar (Saunders)


Miriam Velez, Morton Stanfield Jr., Chris Kane, and Forest Harper


Brian Coleman, Holly Cundieff, and Sean Ryan


Reginald Dickson, Nina Lynch, Marsha Jones (PNC Representative) and Roderick Jones


Morton Stanfield, Janet Roberts (Magwood) and Bill Magwood


Jeff Gray and Jamil Wilson


Miriam Velez (INROADS Director Alumni Relations and External Affairs) and Morton Stanfield Jr.


Saeeda Hafiz and Damian Austin


Ken Charles and Cassandra Saunders (INROADS Regional Director)


Sam Gill, Donna Kiszie (Smith), Shari Hatcher (Brown), and Dianne Dixon (Copeland)


Bob Smith, Kimberly Green, and Dianne Dixon (Copeland)


Steven Johnson, Susan Adams (Hightower), and Todd Ledbetter


Francine Buchanan (Cameron) and Kevin Cameron


Fred Duca, Linda Dent, and Mark Twyman


Holly Cundieff and Jordana Harrington (Stephens)


Francine Buchanan (Cameron) and Susan Adams (Hightower) 


Sonya Austin ((Williams) and Damian Austin


Barbara Bradford and Victoria Lynch


Aki Durham and Marcus Purdie


Paul Winters


Michael Connors


Ken Charles and Michael Scott


Morton Stanfield, Carole Cohen, Janet Roberts (Magwood) and William Magwood


Sonja Austin (Williams) and Angela Dickerson (Armstrong)


Angela Dickerson (Armstrong) and Morton Stanfield