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Reception 2011


September 16, 2011

at the home of

Morton Stanfield

Bob Smith and Nina Lynch check to see if everything is ready


Time to relax


Bob Smith and Edwin Montgomery


Carole Cohen and Eileen Lamar (Saunders)


Girls from the past - LeSans Heard (Montgomery), Shari Hatcher (Brown), Lanella Hooper (Williams), and Saeeda Hafiz


LeSans  and Shari pose for a picture


Miriam Velez (INROADS, Inc. Director Alumni Relations and External Affairs), Reginald Dickson (Former INROADS President & CEO, and Forest Harper (Current INROADS President & CEO) discuss the future


Shedrick Saunders and Edwin Montgomery


Forest Harper - Currrent INROADS, Inc. President & CEO


Marcu Purdie (Former staff) and Aki Durham 


Shari Hatcher (Brown)

Eileen Lamar (Saunders) and LeSans Heard (Montgomery)

Bill Wharton and Carole Cohen


Lanella Hooper (Williams) and Bob Smith


Bill Wharton with Nina Lynch


Bill Wharton with Saeeda Hafiz


Marcus Purdie with Aki Durham 


Eric Jones with his wife, Kimberly


Carole and Ken Charles


Fred Duca with his wife, Pamela, and Carole


Bob Smith with Kevin Ford (one of the original 22 INROADERS)


Damian Austin


Reginald Dickson with Kevin Ford


Bob Smith, Bill Wharton, and Damian Austin


Carole with Lissa Coates (Foster)


Jeff Gray with Stacey Covington (Cameron) 


Shari Hatcher (Brown) with Linette Johnson (Berry)


Bill Wharton and Jeff Gray


Michael Morris with his former INROADS Business Coordinator, Richard Thornton


Valerie Wright and Saeeda Hafiz


Jordana Harrington (Stephens) and Saeeda Hafiz


LeSans Heard (Montgomery) and Jordana Harrington (Stephens)


Kimberly Jones and Eric Jones with Ken Charles


Vera Hefflin (Edwards), Kevin Ford, Bob Smith, and Victoria Goins


Tim Johnson and his wife, Atiya 


Lissa Coates (Foster) and Stacey Covington (Cameron) 


Tom Brooks with LeSans


Fred Duca, Gary Laley and Melvin Washington


Marcus and Edwin


Melvin Washington


Gary Laley, Mevin Washington, Tom Brooks, and Fred Duca


Michael Morris and Richard Thornton


Linette and LeSans


Nina Lynch and Todd Ledbetter


Reginald Dickson and Nina


Marcus, Jordana, and Shari


Saeeda, Ken, Todd, and Lanella


Todd, Saeeda, Damian, and LeSans


Forest Harper and Jeff Gray


Lissa and Gary


Vicki, Vera, and Jordana


Nina and Donna Kiszie (Smith)


Donna Kiszie (Smith) and Bob Smith


Dianne Dixon (Copeland) and Kevin Ford - both first year INROADERS


Alene Harris (first administrative assistant) and daughter Kim Harris


Carole with Dianne Dixon (Copeland), Kevin Ford and Shari Hatcher (Brown)


James Baldwin and LeSans


Reginald Dickson with Tanya Orr (Craig)


Todd Ledbetter and Eric Jones


Marlon Craig and Bob Smith


Vera and Dianne


Linette, Gary, Fred, Pamela, and Melvin


Michelle Mangham (Morris) and Valerie Wright (Williams)


James Baldwin and Jeff Gray


Saeeda Hafiz and Tom Brooks


Eric Jones and Reginald Dickson


Valerie Wright (Williams), Ken Charles, and Alene Harris


Donna, Kevin, Vera, Arthur, Dianne, Tim, Jordana, Bob, and Linette


Marcus Purdie and Jonas Chaney


Aki Durham and Carole Cohen


Eric Jones and Arthur Woods


Nicole Bishop and Carole Cohen


Vera, Donna, Forest and Tom


Valerie, Damian, and Art Sheffield 


Jonas Chaney and Jeff Gray


Sherry Holloway


Lanella Hooper (Williams) and Michelle Mangham (Morris) with guest


Judith Leach (Key) and Vicki Goins


Alene Harris and Damian Austin


Edwin, James, Melvin and Sherry


Judith Leach (Key) and Ricardo Williams


Bob, Gary, Jonas, and Jeff


Jeff, Ken, Lissa, and others


Sherry, Linette, Shari, and others


Judith and Linette


Nicole Bishop and Todd Ledbetter


Kevin Ford, Donna Kiszie (Smith) and Morton Stanfield


Dianne, Kevin, Shari, Judith, Vicki

Edwin, Melvin, Art, Tom, and James


Jonas and James


Kitchen Talk


Alene Harris, Judith Stanfield (Mort's wife) and Kim Harris


Edwin and Melvin


Dianne, Kevin and Sherry


Nina Lynch and Jeff Gray


Marlon Craig and Donna Kiszie (Smith)


Tanya Orr (Craig) and Gary Laley


Linette Johnson (Berry) , Archie Kimbrough, and Melvin Washington pose for a final picture.


Judith, Archie and Sherry get ready to leave the reception