YEAR  2004 




Keepsake Booklet from 40 Year Reunion, Marriott Walnut Creek

At least 110 Classmates Attended

Thanks to the legendary Sunny (Shellie Jelonek) Sanchez and associates for throwing the party. Sunny had never been to any of our previous reunions (believe it or not), but she really went all out on this one.




YEAR  2006

Three pictures from the 2006 All-Class Picnic.

Mr. & Mrs. Palmer


YEAR  2013

Pictures from the 2013 All-Class Picnic.

Barbara Fehliman Gregory and Trisha Fead Meikle, 2013


Bill Jacobus, Gary Garren, and Marian Dotson, 2013


Janet Annereau Betz and Carole Poertner, 2013


Bonnie Robertson Cahill was recovering from a fall, 2013


Sandra Clark Stefani, Dennis Stefani, and Becky Darrow Mitchell, 2013


John Dotson, Randy Milliken, and John Hill, 2013