1960-64 PHHS Overview

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I'm a Travelin' Man -- 1961





Nan Andrews teaching Freshman English (taken off of a website, sorry for the blur).

The present Ram's Head Mosaic (image courtesy of Sharon Goldsmith).

Story of the Original Ram's Head Mosaic. The mosaic ram in the PHHS foyer was first constructed in the summer of 1961, between our freshman and sophomore years. The materials for the original construction were purchased through donations by the Class of '61, whose members graduated weeks before it was completed. The actual labor of setting the tiles was conducted by younger students, Bill Moler and Marylin Martin among others, under direction of  art teacher Jim Snowden.  

Story of the Reconstructed Ram's Head Mosaic.  During the 1980s, visiting members of the Class of '61 noted that the Ram's Head Mosaic was disintegrating in place. They got a few people together, took buckets down to the school, removed the remaining tiles, and took them home, intending clean them and have them put back in. Some of the tiles, it turned out, were in such bad shape they couldn't be reused. Moreover, as time went by, even the usable saved tiles were misplaced. Finally, the person that started the project decided that new tiles needed to be purchased.

Someone was found to make the new mosaic Ram head (at a cost of approximately $15,000 labor). The present tiles were special ordered from Europe (possibly Italy) and shipped here. As Sharon Goldsmith's sister remembers, they too cost $15,000 or more. The total expense, $30,000+, was donated by one dedicated alumnus, and not the whole class. (The donor does not want to be known.) When the replacement was completed a few of the alumni from the Class of 1961 performed a re-dedication ceremony. (Information supplied by Sharon Goldsmith upon interviewing her older sister on August 17, 2014.)






Randy Ram from 1962 Rambler



Will those of you who were on Junior Board explain to the rest of us what the heck you did?




Gary Bushman remembers attending the Baccalaureate, held in the school gym on the Sunday afternoon prior to the Friday, June 12, Commencement.  He does not remember which community leaders officiated this traditionally religious ceremony.




"Remember the 60's"

Should be titled Remember the 50s to the Mid-60s

Somehow This Really Captures Things -- from Polio Shots to Hula Hoops to Civil Rights