Reunion Committee


Sunny (Shellie Jelonek) Sanchez initiated our 2014 Reunion preparations in February of 2012, when she began updating the class contact list from 2004 with the help of Bill Jacobus and Barbara Geary Klaubert. For various reasons Sunny reached out to ask others to take over responsibility for the project in September 2012. In October of 2012 Janet Annereau Betz and Randy Milliken independently told Sunny they would be willing to do it. 

Janet, Randy, and Bill Jacobus met at Bill's house in December of 2012 to lay out a plan for moving forward. Members of our mailing list were invited to meetings at the Pleasant Hill County Library in the spring of 2013. In May, Zio Fraedo restaurant was chosen as the reunion venue in a 5-3 vote (with 2 abstentions due to ambivalence) among ten classmates who actually visited four different possible sites beforehand.

Our committee has evolved through the spring of 2014, as more people came forward to take up specific tasks. 

Reunion Committee as of July 2014

Chair--Randy Milliken

Decorations (at Zio Fraedo and Hyatt) -- Toni Hayes Lewis

Finance/Treasurer--Carole Poertner

Golf Outing--Gary Bushman

Hotel Coordination, Underlying Rock of Entire Event--Bill Jacobus

Lost Alums Search Team--Sunny Jelonek Sanchez, Bill Jacobus, and Barbara Geary Klaubert

Silent Auction--Jim Turdici and Diane Sewell

Sunday All-Class Picnic Hospitality--Becky Darrow Mitchell and Janet Annereau Betz

Teacher Invitations/Hosting--Mike Ipson

Zio Fraedo Dinner Planning--Judy Furlong Demartini and Paul Cohune

Website Administrators

Founder and Root Administrator--Jim Turdici

Chief Content Designer--Randy Milliken

Auxilliary Content Designers--Jim Turdici and Sherri Levesque Park

Masthead Design--Bill Patterson

Yearbook Photos Transfer--Jerry Kergan

Classmate Outreach Researchers and Phoners

The success of our well-attended reunion was due in no small part to the efforts of two groups of people, one of which sleuthed possible addresses and phone numbers of long lost classmates (and recently lost classmates), and the other of which used the newfound information to do direct outreach, often finding wrong numbers and occasionally encountering distrustful respondents.

The first group, working off of Sunny's list that had been partially updated since 2004, consisted of Bill Jacobus, Randy Milliken, and Barbara Geary Klaubert (probably the most skilled people finder of us all).  They used data obtained through such sites as, Peoplefinders, Spokeo, Intelius, and the phone book to reconstruct families and make lists of possible addresses and phone numbers. They did some direct outreach of their own and they shared information with the second group, which did more than half of the direct contact. 

The second group, those who happily took lists, made calls, and wrote letters, include the following people:   

Janet Annereau Betz  -  Sandra Clark Stefani  -  Paul Cohune  -  John Dotson

Gary Garren  -  Barbara Fehliman Gregory  -  Judy Furlong Demartini

Sharon Lee Goldsmith  -  Doug Hauser  -  John Hill  -  Carole Poertner

Colleen Reed for Bill Moler  -  Bonnie Robertson Cahill  -  Dorine Waidtlow


We thank all of them, as well as others who did unprompted outreach on their own, for their efforts.