Bye Brunch - Sun morn

Sunday became memorable.

Many classmates staying at the hotel were showering and getting ready to have brunch and be joined by a few who were unable to attend other weekend events, when the electricity went out. It was not just the hotel, but the whole area. Decisions were made by 35.  About 25 stayed at the hotel resturant to have what was available along with fresh omletes (cooked by propane).  About 10 moved on to eat elsewhere, some together, as they were traveling home by car.

At the end of the Sunday Goodbye brunchin the hotel restuarant we had a handfull of clasmates left. The electric came on. We sang our Alma Mater. A cell phone took our photo. The hotel gave a free breakfast to most of us, since they ran out of plates, hot coffee and warm buffet food that could not be refilled. The spirits were still running high ... making it hard to say so-long to the full reunion weekend.