In memory of deceased classmates
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Janet R. Adams (Courtney) (Deceased 2016)
David Archibald (Deceased 2020)  
Eileen Bowles* (Davenport) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Craig D. Buckler* (Deceased 2000)  
Craig Butchenhart (Deceased 2020)
Janice Canavan* (Watton) (Deceased 2011)  
Marla Culp* (Patterson) (Deceased 2010)
James Ferrrier* (Deceased Year Unknown)
George F. Fink* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Michael A. Fiorillo* (Deceased 2010)
Lillian M. Fleener* (McDonald) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Matthew J. Galie* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard C. Gassner* (Deceased 2014)
Sandra Grubb* (Felice) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Trudy H. Haley* (Stehle) (Deceased 2009)
Charles E. Hamilton* (Deceased 2013)  
Brian F. Hanley* (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Hanley* (Deceased Year Unknown)
John N. Jan Francisco* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard A. Kaufmann* (Deceased 1985)
C. Edward Kemp (Deceased 2017)
Maureen A. Kinney* (Deceased 2014)
Daniel W. Kirkpatrick* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gerry Kosh* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Charles J. Kowalski* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Charles J. Krauth* (Deceased 2010)
Joan K. Kyle* (Monteleone) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Bruce Leddy* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Zara Luscombe* (Waters) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Eugene B. Marino (Deceased 2015)
Earl McDonald* (Deceased 2010)
Sandra E. McLean* (Gotsch) (Deceased 2004)
James R. Mitchell* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert M. O'Neill (Deceased 2014)  
Nancy J. Ostrom* (Townsend) (Deceased 2012)
William F. Pergine* (Deceased 2013)
Veronica Piccirilli* (Sessa) (Deceased 2011)
Ralph Pizza* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kerry J. Pursel* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Bernice A. Rifkin* (Roller) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert F. Rogers (Deceased 2022)  
Rochelle B. Schwartz (Deceased 2014)
Lorelei Scioli* (Catagnus) (Deceased 2014)
Marilyn B. Shuman* (Renninger) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Suzanne Silcott (Wentzel) (Deceased 2020)  
Michael Lee Siletta* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard Summers* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Rosalyn M. Swarthout* (Deceased 2014)  
Nancy Troutman (Snyder) (Deceased 2018)
Joseph A. Vereen* (Deceased Year Unknown)
Steven E. Wade* (Deceased 2014)
Terrance M. Wilsey* (Deceased 2009)

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