Hey Guys,

If you have any positive, interesting tid-bits, stories, memories, news Items, opinions, Or just want to chat. This is the place! You can add those here in the Message Forum. Look forward to hearing from you.    ROMA JENKS HURLEY

 My sister sent me this link to a story about the Pocatello Zoo. It's cool. Check it out. Note that it is actually an elk. Have you been to the zoo lately. Sherron Grumbein Mahaffey

Hi Everyone!!! I would like to thank Whoever is behind this Web Site---They have done a Wonderful Job---it so easy to get around to the different areas of interest and set up your information---nice to see how our former classmates are doing....Don't know yet if I will be able to make it to the Reunion---Have alot of things going on right now--- If I don't make it---I will be there in Spirit... Have a Great Time!!!  Jacqueline Cohen Barnett